9 Cisco Certs Retire Today: What Now?

2020-05-18 09:58:13 SPOTO Club Cisco,CCNP,CCIE,CCNA 299
The day is finally here. The Cisco certification programs, as we’ve known, have been changed. It is considered to be a lot to take in as well as keeping track of. Just about every level of Cisco certifications has been impacted, no more than at the level of CCNA. Before we look at the changes and decide what to do, if you are looking forward to obtaining the new versions of the Cisco Certification, you would be able to collect it with the latest study dumps offered by the SPOTO Club.CCENT is No More One of the significant changes is believed to be the elimination of the CCENT certification. For many IT pros, the CCENT was the certification, which they have earned when they would be beginning working with Cisco products. It was a respected entry-level certification everyone was familiar with. The New CCNA The most significant announcement that came from Cisco in 2018 would be the changes planned for their CCNA 200-301 program. Cisco would have listened to what employers were looking for in a CCNA professional. They took this feedback and made changes to their CCNA paths to make them less complicated and more accessible. Previously, the CCNA would be having lots of paths that you could take. The 10 CCNAs from the pre-February 2020 certification program would be including: CCDA CCNA Cloud CCNA Collaboration CCNA Cyber Ops (retiring in May 2020) CCNA Data Center CCNA Industrial CCNA Routing and Switching CCNA Security CCNA Service Provider CCNA Wireless The New CCNP There aren’t as many certifications at Cisco’s professional level, but there would still be plenty to talk about. Unlike the CCNA, at this level, you are also expected to begin to specialize. Previously, Cisco offered the following CCNP certifications: CCDP CCNP Collaboration CCNP Data Center CCNP Routing and Switching CCNP Service Provider CCNP Wireless Since Feb 24, 2020, Cisco would be offering the following CCNP Certifications: CCNP Collaboration CCNP Data Center CCNP Enterprise CCNP Security CCNP Service Provider Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Under the new CCO program, CCNP Wireless, CCNP Routing, and Switching, as well as CCDP, all would be falling under the CCNP Enterprise certification. Also, you would be required to prepare for two exams, one core exam and one focus exam. No matter what path you would be choosing, you should take the core exam, 300-401 ENCOR, and one of the below-mentioned specialist exams: 300-410 ENARSI 300-415 ENSDWI 300-420 ENSLD 300-425 ENWLSD 300-430 ENWLSI 300-435 ENAUTO The New CCIE To finish off the changes to the Cisco certification lineup, we have the CCIE Certification. It would be no secret that this certification is difficult. Of course, there is an upside to certification being quite tricky. It would require a lot of knowledge as well as time investment, making it a lot valuable for those who would be holding one. Much like the CCNP, the changes to the CCIE would be less drastic than the CCNA. Below mentioned is a list of the previous CCIE certifications: CCIE Collaboration CCIE Data Center CCIE Routing & Switching CCIE Security CCIE Service Provider CCIE Wireless Moving forward, they would be replaced by: CCIE Collaboration CCIE Data Center CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure CCIE Enterprise Wireless CCIE Security CCIE Service Provider The Arrival of Cisco DevNet DevOps, as well as programing, are undoubtedly becoming much more critical in the IT world. Cisco would be recognizing this and would be introducing DevNet Associate, Specialist, as well as professional certifications. DevNet focuses on topics such as Cisco’s programmability strategy, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), network operations, as well as network ops. So, if you are looking forward to gaining the Cisco Certification, you must increase the study dumps, which are offered at the SPOTO Club to obtain success in a single attempt.