Are Juniper certifications worth it?

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However, in the late 90s, Juniper has arrived on the switching and routing scene and quickly became the newest player in the space. In the upcoming few short years, Juniper would have found itself with about a third of the market share in traditional areas dominated by Cisco. We would be planning on answering that question by looking at who this certification is considered to be aimed at and what would make it worthwhile to follow this path. Before we discuss it further, you should obtain the SPOTO Exam Practice tests to gain your Juniper Certification in the very first attempt.

Who Should Earn the JNCIA-Junos?

This is considered to be an essential question, to begin with, so we would have gone ahead and outlined three situations where it might be beneficial for earning JNCIA-Junos certification. It is considered to be worth mentioning that this is an entry- to intermediate-level certification. It would be covering basic concepts of networking and routing as they would be about Juniper products. You would require having some networking knowledge when attempting this certification, but there would be no actual pre-requirements for sitting for the exams.

If you have Start out in IT and have basic knowledge of networking:

This is considered an associate-level exam, meaning that it would cover all of the basics right from the beginning. The JNCIA-Junos is believed to be one of four certifications leading toward Juniper’s Data Center certification track, being the first certification on the list, with the JNCIA-Junos. Even if you would have firms grasp on these topics, it is still useful about seeing how the Juniper devices for applying these fundamentals within the software and hardware that would be controlling your environment’s networking infrastructure. If you would be looking for an excellent place to begin in the Juniper studying ecosystem, then this would be a reliable option for you to pursue. If you are trained in Cisco, and you require learning how the Junos OS and working of syntax: Let’s say you would have landed a job at a company that only utilizes Juniper equipment in their environment. You have got networking theory and experience from other vendors such as Cisco, but you require learning the best practices and operational requirements from Juniper. Thus, the JNCIA-Juno certification is a good fit in this scenario because you would already have the networking fundamentals under your belt.

If you wish to stand out from your peers:

Maybe you would have never taken a Juniper certification exam, even though you would be able to work at a company that utilizes their products exclusively. If you wish to distinguish yourself from your fellow employees, then getting the JNCIA-Junos would help you do it. It would be demonstrating to your manager that you would have the hands-on experience for installing, monitoring, and maintaining the Juniper equipment they would be having on-site. You also show that you will possess the theoretical knowledge that the Juniper ecosystem of certifications would be requiring.

The Bottom Line

Earning JNCIA-Junos certification is worth it because it is considered relatively straightforward for studying and opening up numerous possibilities for career advancement. If you would fit into any of the outlined scenarios above, this is considered the best certification for you. If you are looking forward to achieving the Juniper Certification, you should opt for the training courses available at the SPOTO.

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