Can I get a job through Azure certification?

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft, ranking second in the US market share after AWS certification. According to Microsoft, nearly 1,000 companies will adapt or convert Microsoft Azure for cloud computing, which means that almost 365,000 organizations will need Azure experts each year. More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies will use Azure as their cloud service shows that the demand for Azure professionals will continue to grow.

Here are some of the things you can do with Azure certification:

•Azure developer

Azure developers use the Azure platform to build and deploy applications and services on Azure solutions. Generally, high-performance Azure developers will have development experience and technical knowledge of PowerShell, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. These products will be Microsoft products and integrated with Azure. Azure developers are mainly responsible for creating, designing, maintaining, and implementing technical solutions from infrastructure to applications.

•Azure solution architect

As the name suggests, this work mainly considers establishing cloud environment solutions for organizations based on their unique needs. In short, these professionals can meet the needs of end-users, deploy and design cloud solutions by determining the appropriate infrastructure, and then secure and configure them after implementation. They will have the ability to deal with the environmental challenges of a particular business.

•Azure DevOps Engineer

DevOps is considered a concept that combines development and operations to increase the development life cycle's speed. Similarly, Azure DevOps engineers integrate people, processes, and technologies to improve the continuous delivery of Azure solutions. You can expect them to design, architect, and implement a wide range of Microsoft Azure solutions by spending a lot of expertise in different work environments (including security, virtual machines, and networking).

•Azure Security Engineer

Azure security engineers will implement security control and threat protection. Protect data, manage identity and access, applications and networks in hybrid and cloud environments as part of the end-to-end infrastructure. As the speed of cybercrime innovation accelerates, cloud security will have become a separate job role. Software protection measures alone are not enough to solve cyber threats.

Azure Data Scientist

In short, Azure Data Scientists will ensure proper management, utilization, and security control of the organization's most valuable data assets. They use Azure software and services to design and implement data security and management strategies while allowing companies to make informed decisions based on big data and data visualization technology. They are known for leveraging Azure machine learning technology and working with data models to study emerging consumer and market patterns. If you are willing to hold the above position, you must obtain Azure certification. For this, you should check the SPOTO Azure exam dump. SPOTO is the leading provider of IT exam dumps. Thanks to 18 years of experience, they provide 100% effective and reliable dumps.

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