CISM Certification and Exam Frequently Asked Questions

2020-10-23 09:48:43 SPOTO Club Cisco 223
The CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) is considered to be a prestigious credential. It would be proving that its holder is well aware of the international best practices utilized for building, designing, and managing Information Security programs. Before we discuss the FAQs of the CISM Exam, you must opt for the SPOTO CISM Exam practice tests to achieve success in your very first attempt.

Here are few frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the CISM Exam.

Q1. What is the CISM Certificate? The CISM Certificate is evidence proving that you have obtained sufficient knowledge in the five domains of Information Security Management: • Incident Management and Response • Information Risk Management • Information Security Governance • Information Security Program Development • Information Security Program Management Q2. Who should consider taking the CISM Certificate? The CISM Certificate would be designed for the professionals who would be able to manage, design, and assess Information Security programs. It would be expected for CISAs and CISSPs to pursue the CISM Certificate for complementing their credentials.

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Q3. What is the process for CISM Certification? The CISM certification process would be including the following steps: • Successfully clearing the CISM exam • Agreeing to abide by the ISACA Code of Ethics • Enrolling in the Continuing Education program • Presenting verification of your five years of Information Security work experience • Applying for the CISM Certification Q4. When could I sit for the certification exam? The exam is only offered twice a year, once in June and once in December. You would be required to refer to ISACA’s official website for the dates. Candidates are required to register for the exam 45 days in advance. To prepare for the CISM Certification exam, you must enroll in Ashford Global. IT’s a five-day CISM training course. This course would be comprehensively covering the five core competencies mentioned earlier. By combining lectures with discussions as well as hands-on practice, AGIT’s instructors would be thoroughly preparing you for passing the CISM Certification exam on your first attempt. Q5. How is the exam scored? Like the GRE and SAT exams, the CISM test doesn’t rely on percentages but instead utilizes a 200-800 scaled scoring method, allowing for performance comparison among candidates. The Certification Working Group would determine the passing score of 450 through a process called “cut score.” Utilizing the review and the input of global professionals, a passing point for the exam is established through exercises and simulations. They would then be launching a passing score as the minimum number of questions answered correctly while demonstrating both skills and knowledge. If this minimum number of correct answers would be about 140 out of 20 total items, the raw score of 140 would then equate to the passing score of 450. A score of 450 represents a minimum dependable standard of knowledge as established by the individual ISACA Certification Committee. Although the scoring scale could change slightly, the raw score always has the same result and ultimately dictates whether the candidates have cleared. Because there would be four domains on the CISM exam, all with different applied weights, your score would also be broken down for reflecting the performance in each field. A candidate who will receive a score of less than 450 hasn’t cleared the exam and could schedule a retake in the next testing window by registering again and paying through the automated system. To improve the future scores, ISACA would be providing a results letter analyzing the overall score and areas of where you are particularly weak. So, now that all of your FAQs are answers, you should acquire the SPOTO CISM Exam practice tests if you wish to achieve success in your very first attempt.

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