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One of the training courses offered by SPOTO is called Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA). All of SPOTO's products are designed and made in-house, making it a prominent supplier of IT network hardware. The most successful OEM in its field and the most well-known IT vendor in the market is SPOTO. The business and industrial sectors are big consumers of Cisco's products.

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Question 1


Which of the following are true regarding OSPF areas? (Choose three.)

A. You must have separate loopback interfaces configured in each area.

B. The numbers you can assign an area go up to 65,535.

C. The backbone area is also called area 0.

D. If your design is hierarchical, then you dont need multiple areas.

E. All areas must connect to area 0.

F. If you have only one area, it must be called area 1.


Correct answer: CDE


Question 2


Which of the following network types have a designated router and a backup designated router assigned? (Choose two.)

A. Broadcast

B. Point-to-point


D. NBMA point-to-point

E. NBMA point-to-multipoint

Correct answer: AC


Question 3


A network administrator needs to configure a router with a distance-vector protocol that allows classless routing. Which of the following satisfies

those requirements?



C. RIPv1





Correct answer: D


Question 4

You need the IP address of the devices with which the router has established an adjacency. Also, the retransmit interval and the queue counts for the adjacent routers need to be checked. What command will display the required information?

A. show ip eigrp adjacency

B. show ip eigrp topology

C. show ip eigrp interfaces

D. show ip eigrp neighbors

Correct answer: D


Question 5


Which is true regarding EIGRP successor routes? (Choose two.)

A. A successor route is used by EIGRP to forward traffic to a destination.

B. Successor routes are saved in the topology table to be used if the primary route fails.

C. Successor routes are flagged as activein the routing table.

D. A successor route may be backed up by a feasible successor route.

E. Successor routes are stored in the neighbor table following the discovery process.


Correct answer: AD


Question 6

Which type of OSPF network will elect a backup designated router? (Choose two.)

A. Broadcast multi-access

B. Non-broadcast multi-access

C. Point-to-point

D. Broadcast multipoint


Correct answer: AB


Question 7


Which two of the following commands will place network into area 0? (Choose two.)

A. router eigrp 10

B. router ospf 10

C. router rip

D. network

E. network area 0

F. network area0

G. network area 0


Correct answer: BG


Question 8

With which network type will OSPF establish router adjacencies but not perform the DR/BDR election process?

A. Point-to-point

B. Backbone area 0

C. Broadcast multi-access

D. Non-broadcast multi-access

Correct answer: A


Question 9


What are three reasons for creating OSPF in a hierarchical design? (Choose three.)

A. To decrease routing overhead

B. To speed up convergence

C. To confine network instability to single areas of the network

D. To make configuring OSPF easier


Correct answer: ABC


Question 10

What is the administrative distance of OSPF?

A. 90

B. 100

C. 110

D. 120


Correct answer: C


Each student will be given a digital badge and a certificate of professional development as a way to help them both broaden their knowledge and demonstrate their mastery of the course material. The student's online portfolio may contain information about these honors.


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