An Extraordinary Year -- 2016
Start Time

12:00 am

Friday, January 1, 2016

End Time

12:00 am

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Birmingham, UK


As for SPOTO, the year of 2016 is special and extraordinary. SPOTO is an outstanding ledaer in IT industry. it committed to putting the customers at first. some special things have taken place at SPOTO.

There are many significant events of  Lab exam happening in this year. SPOTO has made huge  achievement in lab exam.SPOTO CLUB will give you the details what have happened.

On 31th Jan, Lab exam adds a new DIAG(H2 DIAG). What’s more, SPOTO solves and passes the lab exam on 3rd Feb.  Some new TS have been added on 17th Feb. Besides, new faults, DIAG(H3+DIAG) have been added. Some Huawei certifications and network security have been online. it’s a huge breakthrough. In brief, SPOTO is the  best choice to pass the certification exams. In this year,  SPOTO has helped over five hundred  candidates pass the CCIE Lab exam.


Outstanding Advantages:

· Customer first                              · Stably pass exam

· Real exam environment             ·  100% real exam practices

· Professional teams                      · Excellent enteriprise value