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Friday, November 8, 2019

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Saturday, November 9, 2019


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SPOTO tutors got the latest news that new LAB 2 updates in CCIE Wireless LAB exam now from 7th November, 2019. But we got good news that our tutors has already offered the new solution of LAB 2 to all candidates.

As we all know that CCIE Wireless LAB exam is made up of two modules:

Module 1: Diagnostic (the act or process of identifying the root cause)

Module 2: Configuration & Troubleshooting (implement and fix)

In order to pass the CCIE Wireless Lab exam, the candidates must meet both of the following conditions:

  1. You must achieve the minimum score or higher for each individual module.
  2. Your total score of exam achieved across both modules must be equal or higher to the overall lab cut-score that was set for the specific form

According to the format of CCIE Wireless LAB, SPOTO tutors prepare the following study materials to help you study the LAB exam

This is the study material content that you need practice for your CCIE Wireless LAB exam.You will face one of them on every model when you take exam.

DIAG: DIAG 1(1 set),DIAG 2(5 sets)


And SPOTO tutors will offer a customized study plan for different candidates to pass the exam fast. Here is an example:

SPOTO always offer the best service and best products to our all candidates. Want to know more latest news or details of LAB exam can contact us directly or join our LAB study group to get more information.