Exam Fees, Salary, and Jobs for CCNA Certification in 2022

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Exam Fees, Salary, and Jobs for CCNA Certification in 2022

Cost of CCNA Certification

In addition to educational costs, the CCNA certification costs $300 before taxes. Candidates are prepared to take the exam once they have studied independently, taken outside courses, or participated in the Cisco Learning Network. Pearson, a partner of Cisco, offers it as an offline assessment or an online test. After passing the test, you can access Cisco's Certification Tracking System to check your certification status. After finishing, candidates will get a digital package. The test can also be bought using Cisco Learning Credits. An employer can purchase these pre-paid credits so employees can utilize them on different Cisco learning portals. In addition to the CCNA directly provided by Cisco, you can also benefit from CCNA certification exam preparation and testing by working with Cisco Learning Partners like SPOTO. Which Cisco Learning Partner offers learning support services, in this case, determines the price of taking and passing a CCNA test. Exam candidates might discuss a shared cost approach if they believe CCNA credentials might help their businesses. Some employers will also let CCNA training costs be written off against salaries.

CCNA Salary

As of June 8, 2022, the average yearly salary for a technical professional in the United States with a CCNA certification is $89,020. If you need to calculate a paycheck quickly, it is about $42.80 per hour. According to data from ZipRecruiter, this amounts to $1,712 weekly or $7,418 monthly (last updated June 15). Cisco networking gear is used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies, making CCNA a crucial credential to possess. A Cisco Certified Network Associate's average bonus is $8,291 a year, or 7% of their income, and all employees say they receive rewards every year. It's important to note that compensation for various certification-related occupations will vary. For instance, the average salary in the US is $53,051 for an IT support professional who has earned the CCNA certification, $64,430 for a network expert, $69,243 for a network administrator, and $85,822 for a network engineer, and $116,165 for a senior network engineer. It's also important to note that in eleven American cities, the average CCNA salary is higher than in the countries. At the top of the list is Barnstable Town, Massachusetts, followed by Sunnyvale, California, then Santa Cruz, California, in that order. In other words, several factors affect the CCNA pay.

Jobs for CCNA in 2022

In 2022, the following employment roles will be compatible with the Cisco CCNA certification:

1. A network manager

Network administrators are in charge of setting up and configuring computers and networks. They are to keep computer networks updated and offer fixes for any network-related problems. Other responsibilities include:
Setting up new systems.
Planning a budget for equipment and assembly.
Working with clients to develop solutions and determine system requirements.
Additionally, they monitor current hardware and network software and update it as required. According to ZipRecruiter, the average yearly salary for a network administrator in the United States is $70,853.

2. Managers of information technology

They are in charge of identifying an organization's IT needs and designing the computer systems necessary to satisfy those needs. Within a company, infrastructure-related tasks are planned, coordinated, and directed by an IT manager. In some situations, the scope of this role may be restricted to computer networks, while in others, it may also involve the management of other electronic support systems and telecommunications systems. They must know phone systems, security, computer systems, databases, and data storage systems. In the United States, a senior IT manager makes an average salary of $129,682.

3. Technical support specialists
All customers and clients of organizations require ongoing assistance and guidance given today's technology improvements. You must help with troubleshooting and service in one of the CCNA positions. To resolve, configure, and provide support for issues with a client's computer systems or networks, remote or telephonic assistance is required. Technical support experts ensure that clients' systems are operating correctly to give crucial tech help. Assuming responsibility for handling client complaints and adhering to established procedures for elevating unresolved customer issues to pertinent internal teams are requirements of the position. You get to work on a range of IT projects and with a range of software, hardware, and systems in this position. The average annual salary for a technical assistance engineer in the United States is $68,368.

4. An expert in network security

Since network security experts are in great demand to safeguard the company from unauthorized users and security hazards, this is a crucial position. They are in charge of carefully inspecting computer networks for unapproved users or security flaws. In addition to managing network access, job duties also include identifying security problems and coming up with workable remedies. They must locate the compromised network component and take security precautions to safeguard it. Network security professionals perform regular security audits, install security software, assist in disaster recovery, and produce reports based on the audits. A network security specialist makes an average salary of $89,533 per year.


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