How could you prepare for the New CCNP Enterprise exam?

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The new Cisco certification paths would have gone live on Feb 24, 2020. Changes would include retiring the CCENT, retiring all CCNA paths, replacing them with a single CCNA, and introducing the Cisco Certified DevNet. Additionally, these changes would have made a lot of information online regarding the Cisco certifications stale. To check out the preparation material for CCNP Enterprise, we have to learn about what Cisco’s changes mean for the new CCNP Enterprise certification. We would be exploring the latest CCNP Enterprise certification paths, the new exams, and what you will be required to know about preparing for them.

CCNP Enterprise: The Basics

The first thing you must know would be to pass two exams to obtain the CCNP Enterprise Certification. Like other latest Cisco certifications, this means you would have to clear both a core exam as well as a concentration exam. The nice thing about this setup would be that every concentration exam would also earn you a Cisco specialist certification. The core exams would be able to change depending on which path you would decide to take. To obtain CCNP Enterprise certification, you must pass the 350-401 ENCOR exam at first. Even with the core exam, a passing score would get you a specialist certification. In this case, that would be the Enterprise Core of the Cisco Certified Specialist. Additionally, the core exam for the 350-401 ENCOR would be able to double as a requirement for a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless.

How to Prepare for the New CCNP Exams

Having hands-on networking experience, studying based on the exam blueprints, and having the right resources would help optimize your CCNP studies. The new Cisco exams wouldn’t be easy, but they seem to have a reputation so far from being fair. That is, they would be able to match the exam blueprints pretty well. If you were putting in the work and have good study habits, you would have a good chance of clearing the exams. Get more ccna certification number check click there From infrastructure, security, and automation, if you would be interested in having your concentration in automation, you might be able to find this training quite resourceful, the Cisco CCNP Automating Enterprise Solutions (300 435 ENAUTO). You would be required to instigate off by obtaining comfort with implementing and operating Cisco solutions in a modern environment. For a deep dive into the 350-401 ENCOR, you should be able to check out our recent New Training: Cisco CCNP Enterprise Core (350-401 ENCOR) post.

Final Thoughts

In short, the new CCNP wouldn’t lose the value and prestige of the old CCNP, but it would have modernized the content. The new CCNP exams are considered to be quite challenging, modern, and relevant. The previous offering would be beginning to show its age, and they would have done an excellent job adjusting the exams to match skills that would be entirely in demand. Additionally, providing specialist certifications along the way would help you out with a better sense of progression. If you were looking forward to making your career in networking, CCNP Enterprise would be the best choice for you, but also, you wouldn’t be able to gain it so quickly. SPOTO CCNP Enterprise Dumps would help you out in obtaining the same and that too in the first attempt.

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