How do I prepare a study plan for the CISA Certification exam?

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CISA Certification Overview:

In order to keep sensitive data secure, organizations would be needing professionals who are specialized in information systems auditing control, with skills which are required to understand aspects like the necessary controls and security features. And that is where the ISACA’s CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) would play, quite an important role, since it would have become the preferred IS audit certification program by individuals as well as organizations across the globe. As with any top certifications provided by the ISACA, the CISA exam isn’t going to be an easy task and it would be requiring adequate preparation. The exam itself is consisting of 150 practice questions derived from five domains and would be needed to be completed in less than four hours. So, to ensure your success below mentioned some tips, which you could use while planning to study for CISA Exam:

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  1. Remember: The “IS” in IS Auditor is an acronym of Information Systems:

It wouldn’t be considered unusual for candidates to get confused IS auditor with information security auditor. While information security is considered to be the central subject of one of the CISA review manual domains, it would be representing only 25% of what is going to be covered on the exam study .

  1. Learn to Think Like an IS Auditor:

As stated before, the CISA certification would be mainly intended for information systems acquisition development and implementation auditors. For candidates who have acquired a long technical background, but little audit control and security experience, the special effort would be taken to maintain an auditor perspective right from the start. On the other hand, auditors who are with limited technical knowledge must have to work on getting a proper understanding of the fundamentals of any concept of technically based over CISA’s five domains.

  1. Create Your Own Custom Study Plan

Pass the CISA exam would be testing you on five domains that would be covering a variety of different subject areas. You are needed to make sure that you have enough time to review all domains for one time at least. This might not just include the study part, but it would also be including completion of mock exams, visiting online forums as well as spending extra time reviewing areas that would be needed improvement.

  1. Get Involved In an Exam Prep Course

Having only self-study approach might seem to you like a bold decision, but it wouldn’t be considered as the best strategy. It is important for you to understand that achieving exam success is going to require in-depth knowledge of several different subjects, even for an entry level of certification. You need to get involved in some exam prep courses like that offered by the SPOTO.

  1. Clear Your Mind

During the exam, you might reach a high level of concentration which  I like to call “the zone.” This means a greater focus, which would be considered as good for problem-solving, but could cause you to lose track of time. What might seem like seconds could be considered quite precious minutes; hours tend to pass at a very fast rate, so make sure that you have acquired to time to go through every question on the exam. Take your time while reading the questions. Even with limited time, it would be quite important not to rush. So, you are required to take your time, pay attention to each question as well as the option of answer and make sure you understand what would be asked.

So, again if you wish to acquire the CISA Certification, the best way to obtain it would be to join good exam prep courses, which again I would recommend the one which is offered by the SPOTO.

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