How do you get a CCNA certification

2023-02-17 17:01:45 SPOTO Club CCNA 146

What is CCNA? How do you get a CCNA certification?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

Cisco, a leader in network equipment, has recognized CCNA as a highly-recognized certification. It can be either an Associate or beginner-level certification. It is highly respected and globally recognized in the industry. Cisco offers many tracks for CCNA. Here are the top CCNA tracks:

* CCNA Routing & Switching
* CCNA Cloud
* CCNA collaboration
* CCNA Data Center
* CCNA Security
* CCNA Service Provider
* CCNA Cyberops
* CCNA Wireless

These different tracks for certification provide a solid understanding and foundation for technology-based concepts, making it possible to be competitive in the real world. The prerequisites for most CCNA certifications are CCDA, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless. These certifications require CCENT or CCNA R&S.

This article will discuss what it takes to become certified in CCNA Routing & Switching. It covers everything you need to know, including the requirements of the exam and the study materials that you can use to prepare. Finally, we will also cover how to study for the exam.

Note - From now on, the certification will be referred to as CCNA.

What are the prerequisites for the CCNA exam?

The CCNA certification is at the foundational level in Cisco's hierarchy. There are therefore no technical prerequisites to take the CCNA exam. You don't need to pass any previous exams to become CCNA-certified. However, any Cisco certification has age limitations

Children under 13 years - Cannot take an exam without parental consent.
13-17 years--Can take an exam with parental consent
Above No age restrictions

Although there are no prerequisites, the CCNA exam 200-125 may be more suitable for someone with at least one year of experience in networking. This shouldn't discourage people who don't have hands-on experience but still want to take this exam. You will just need to work harder to use the tools you have, such as GPS3 or Packet Tracer.

Note - There are two routes to obtaining the CCNA certification, as we'll discuss in a later section. Candidates with no networking experience might want to take the ICND1 exam first, then the ICND2 test to become CCNA certified.

Many study materials can be used to prepare for the CCNA certification exam. These materials come in different formats. There are video tutorials, study guides, workbooks, lab guides, and practice tests. If you want to pass the exam quickly, you can take the courses of SPOTO.

How do I get the CCNA certificate?

To obtain a CCNA certificate, you must have passed the exam and received proper training. Any SPOTO can provide training. Registering for the exam is possible at SPOTO. SPOTO are well-known for providing high-quality training and quality learning resources, as well as certified instructors.

You can prepare for exams by taking an online or classroom training program, studying self-study material, and doing mock exams. How well you have been trained is the most important factor in determining how your exam will turn out. Was the training thorough and allowed you to practice the labs? There are approximately 75 questions in the CCNA exam. These questions can be single- or multiple-choice, drag and drop, and some simulations.

The CCNA exam is a challenging and time-consuming process that requires dedication and knowledge. However, the certification is well worth it.

The exam you take will affect your passing grade. It is usually around 80%. The CCNA Certification is a credential that can be used to become a Computer Support Specialist, Network Administrator, or Network Consultant.

After passing your exam, you will be certified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate in the relevant track. You have the option to choose between a soft or hard copy of the certification that you desire. Although it is up to you, most people prefer the softcopy because it is easy to keep your certificate safe.

Some candidates fail the test on their first attempt. It is not something to be disappointed about if you fail your first attempt. Cisco policy states that you must wait five working days before you can retake your exam. An individual can then review his report card and address the areas in which he did poorly.

The CCNA certification lasts for three years. To renew your certification, you must pass either an Associate or Professional exam. This ensures that you continue learning and are able to compete in the constantly changing world of Information Technology.