How much does the CISA exam cost?

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Earning the prestigious Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification demonstrates competence in protecting and controlling information systems. To obtain CISA certification, ISACA members must pass an exam that covers key knowledge areas including information systems operations, acquisition, development and implementation, information security, and business resilience. 

To procure the CISA affirmation, you need to understand what you'll pay for and when you'll pay for it. By understanding the CISA exam registration and fee structure in advance, ISACA members can properly budget and prepare for all costs. The CISA exam fee is paid at the time of registration to hold a seat for the exam.  In this way, focus on and prepare for every one of these things in the CISA charge structure. Additionally, there are annual CISA certification maintenance fees required to remain certified and demonstrate ongoing expertise in auditing, controlling, and protecting organizational information assets through acquisition, development, implementation, and operations. With proper planning and preparation, ISACA members can earn the respected CISA certification by passing the exam and meeting annual certification obligations.

1. ISACA Information Systems Auditing Control Association Membership Cost (Optional) 

It's both OK for you to be or not to be an ISACA MemberYou don’t be an individual from ISACA to take the CISA test, yet you can get a rebate on CISA test expenses if you are apart. You can likewise get admittance to proficient systems administration, volunteer freedoms, online discussions, expert and industry support, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. At long last, you can even appreciate free online courses, free review projects, and free CPE. Thus, if you need to be a CISA, you’ll likewise profit by being an ISACA part.

you’llYou’ll need to pay for this enrollment. In particular, you’ll need to pay the new part expense, global contribution, and nearby section duty. The participation types are as per the following: 

Proficient: individuals keen on or utilized in IT review, data auditing control or security danger, and IT administration fields 

Ongoing alumni: Those who have recently moved on from a school or college in the most recent two years. 

Understudy: people right now took on certified undergrad and graduate projects. 

What’s more, the measures of these expenses are:

Membership Type Professional Student Recent Graduate

New Membership Fee $10 if paid online; $30 if paid via mail or fax $0 $0

International Dues $135 $25 $68

Local Dues

$0-140 $0-30 $0-7

ISACA Membership Fees

2. CISA Exam Cost 

While you don’t need to pay for ISACA participation, you need to pay for the CISA test. Even though the CISA test charges are not modest, they are fundamental for guaranteeing that competitors appear for the test. The associations included can cover costs like testing place utilization, test delegate, and the scoring interaction. 


  • A) For Member: 575$
  • B) For Non-Member: 760$

These test charges are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Besides, you will start your test qualification time of a year (365 days). If you don’t timetable and take the test during this time, you will relinquish your test charges.

3. CISA Certification Cost 

Whenever you have breezed through the Certified Information Systems Auditor CISA test and gained significant regular employment work experience, you can present the CISA accreditation application processing fee and pay the application handling expense simultaneously. The application operating expense is $50 for both ISACA individuals and non-individuals. 

4. Yearly Maintenance Fee 

As an ISACA member who holds the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification, it is important to remain in good standing by completing all annual maintenance requirements. This includes paying the annual CISA certification maintenance fee, which is $40 for ISACA members and $85 for non-members. Additionally, certified ISACA members must earn and report a minimum of 20 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours each year related to the systems audit knowledge areas covered in the CISA exam. By passing the CISA exam and meeting these annual obligations, ISACA members demonstrate their ongoing competence as a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

CISA Certification Maintenance Fees:

  • A) For Member: 40$
  • B) For Non-Member: 85$

5. Other CISA Certification Costs 

The CISA test charge paid at the enrollment does exclude any examination materials. Consequently, the examination materials cost somewhere in the range of $40 for an investigation manual for $300+ for the authority CISA survey manual and question data set.

Note that to obtain and maintain your CISA exam, you also need years of experience and need to obey the code of professional ethics.

6. Benefits of Passing the CISA Exam

Earning the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification by passing the CISA exam demonstrates expertise in protecting and controlling organizational information systems. The CISA covers core knowledge areas including information systems operations, acquisition, development and implementation, information security, and business resilience. Professionals who obtain CISA certification gain valuable skills to audit, control, and safeguard information assets during operations, development, and implementation phases. Key benefits of passing the CISA exam include:
- Demonstrating competence in information systems auditing and control to employers
- Gaining expertise across key domains of information systems management 
- Understanding best practices for security, resilience, and risk management
- Compliance with industry standards for information systems auditing
- Career advancement opportunities and higher earning potential
By obtaining the respected CISA certification, professionals showcase their proficiency in acquiring, developing, and implementing information systems controls that protect organizational assets and ensure business resilience.

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