How to control BGP Route (Preview)

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How to control BGP Route (Preview)
1.Different attributes in BGP protocol
2.How to control the BGP routes
3.Configuration of the attributes.

Instructor: RAY

  • CCIE# 4122 *
  • SPOTO’s instructor (international)
  • 8 years experience in education and training
  • Help 500+ people pass CCIE
  • Cisco certified Internet expert and key member of STSC
  • Proficient in systems, network security technology, proficient in systems, network security technology, proficient in various types of VPN technology, familiar with Cisco, huawei, etc
  • Mainstream network devices, etc…
  • Motto: god rewards those who work hard!
  • More than a year to teach more than 100 RS CCIE! It is one of the CCIE lecturers with the largest number of students and the highest passing rate in the history of cie
  • He has been teaching in huaqiao university for three years and has been committed to education and training for a long time. He has rich experience in teaching and online education and training.
  • Proficient in system and network security technology, capable of in-depth elaboration of network fundamentals, application architecture, common network problems and solutions;
  • Familiar with CISCO, huawei and other mainstream network equipment, proficient in network fault analysis and troubleshooting, proficient in various types of VPN technology;
  • SPOTO STSC technical support center project implementation engineer, undertake operator projects, with rich network project experience.

Weekly Live Time: Wednesday 30th.Oct.2019 22:20-23:30pm GMT+8

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