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2020-07-09 18:35:22 SPOTO Club CCIE Lab 639
Due to COVID-19, the Cisco CCIE Lab exam has been postponed until now. The epidemic is getting better, and the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam center will open next month. Therefore, it is right for you to learn new technological theory courses and study the new CCIE lab exam materials.Get more ccie datacenter lab workbooks and solution click there Here we list some of the new technical knowledge in CCIE EI and CCIE Data Center tracks: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure LAB Track
  1. SD-Access
  2. SD-WAN
  3. Infrastructure Automation and Programmability
CCIE Data Center LAB Track
  1. DC Fabric Infrastructure
  2. DC Fabric Connectivity
  3. DC Automation and Orchestration
Such technical points are essential for lab exam preparation. To help you grasp the new technologies and better prepare the new CCIE lab exam, SPOTO now introduces the LAB Service Pre-sale Activity until July 20. If you pay before July 20, you will get the best discount plus another 2 CCIE LAB gifts! Move on to see the details.

What will you get if you join the activity now?

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  • If you pay now, you will get the Lowest Price during this activity. You won’t get this price or lowest price after July 20, 2020. (the price will restore after this activity).
  • Besides, you can learn new CCIE theory courses and study old CCIE lab materials to be familiar with the CCIE lab exam environment and process.

What’s in SPOTO CCIE Lab Service?

  1. Real CCIE Lab Exam Workbooks
  2. Real CCIE Lab Exam Solutions
  3. Access to Rack, Lab Software
  4. Technical Support from CCIE Tutors
  5. CCIE Lab Materials Update
  6. Mock Exams

Get a new CCIE lab exam theory course

We offer the most complete and latest theory courses, such as SDA tutorial videos, to ensure you are well-prepared.
  • About SD-Access Training(include this topic)
  1. SDA-L1 SD-Access Elementary Course
1.1 Introduce to SDN and Cisco SDN Solution (2 hours) 1.2 SD-Access (2 hours) 1.3 SDA Deployment - Single Site (2 hours)
  1. SDA-L2SD Access Advanced Course
2.1. LISP (2 hours) 2.2 Segmentation (2 hours) 2.3 Multi-site (2 hours) 2.4 Automation and Assurance (2 hours)
  • Our service package mainly includes
  1. We provide courseware (secure PDFs) and record video (secure Video), it explains relevant technical knowledge.
  2. All secure PDFs and secure Video lab dumps are LOCKED in One Physical PC of Customer. Cannot print out or share! But you can access it on your laptop.
  3. The service period of access to secure PDFs and secure Videos would be 12 months.

Get access to old CCIE lab exam materials

  1. We will offer old lab exam materials, which include workbooks and solutions the same as the real CCIE Lab exam, to make you more familiar with the CCIE lab exam environment and exam process.
  2. You can get access to the old lab exam study materials before we offer a new lab service to you.
  3. Rack service is not included.


What is the change of the CCIE Lab exam?

You can see from the above fig. that the new CCIE Lab exam covers the whole network lifecycle and has added many knowledge points. You must learn the latest theory courses with related learning materials. So, it will be difficult for you to pass the new CCIE lab only by studying yourself. Join SPOTO. We will give the latest theory course and old lab exam materials to ensure you are familiar with the lab exam environment and process.
Join us now to pass your CCIE lab exam in the first try!

What are the new CCIE Lab exam format & process?

  1. New CCIE Lab exam format
The new CCIE Lab Exam covers the whole network lifecycle from Planning, Design, Deployment, Operation & continuous Optimization. It consists of the following two modules. Module 1: Design You will have 3 hours to complete the scenario-based DES module. Module 2: Deploy, Operate, and Optimize. You need 5 hours to take the DOO module with the format of hand-on + web-based items.
2. NEW CCIE Lab exam process
  1. Click the “CCIE login” on the desk and log in to your account.
  2. The DES module will appear first. Read the exam guidelines first and check the box. Then click “Start” to begin the exam.
  3. When you complete the DES module, click the “end exam section” on the main screen to move to the DOO module.


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In conclusion

SPOTO’s CCIE lab service pre-sale activity offers the best price this year. Seize time to get the limited offer! If you want to prepare the new CCIE lab exam better, join SPOTO Lab Service Pre-sale Activity to get the latest technical videos and pass the CCIE lab exam in the first try! Related reading: Newest Update!-Spotlights of 2020 Cisco Live 2nd Webinar on CCIE Lab Environment and Delivery Engine Booming News- SPOTO SDA/SDW Rack Rentals Service Comes on July 1