What is the difference between the CCNA exam and a CCNP exam?

2020-07-30 11:24:05 SPOTO Club Cisco,CCNP,CCNA 135
Achieving and maintaining technical certifications is considered an excellent way to stay relevant and up to date. Cisco has announced several changes to the Cisco certification portfolio. The changes would have gone live on February 24, 2020. There are new exam topics, new titles, further exams, and a unique modular approach to Cisco certifications. The core certification programs for CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are all being updated. Additionally, a completely latest DevNet certification program would have announced. After changes have hit the market, each exam an engineer passes would earn them a specialization. Here are some of the changes you would require to know to succeed in your Cisco certification journey. If you want to obtain CCNA or CCNP certification, SPOTO 100% real and valid  CCNA and CCNP dumps will help you clear the exam in the first try! SPOTO 100% pass dump


The new exam Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions or the 200-301 CCNA would be replacing all the current CCNA and CCDA certifications. Specialization at the CCNA level would be going away with no more CCNA security, wireless, etc. Instead, engineers would now be specializing at the CCNP level. If you were new to Cisco technology, the good news would be that it is one exam and done for earning a CCNA. If you have already studied for the current CCNA, keep working to clear that exam because any CCNA certification would be obtained before February 24, 2020, will transition to the new CCNA program.


The CCNP program would also be changing to concentrate on five core technology areas: Enterprise, Data Center, Security, Service Provider, and Collaboration. To earn any professional-level certification, an engineer would be required to clear two exams a technology core exam and a concentration exam. This restructuring would be leveling the field across the different specializations. Additionally, each exam would be cleared during your journey would be earning you a specialist certification. To earn the new CCNP Enterprise, you must clear the Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies or 300-401 ENCOR exam and your choice of one of the six concentration exams. After making Enterprise Core, you would be earning a Cisco Certified Specialist–Enterprise Core. After passing a concentration exam, you would be receiving a Cisco Certified Specialist for that area.

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A complete CCNP Enterprise certification would be able to earn the engineer three titles, which would be • CCNP Enterprise Certification, • Cisco Certified Specialist–Enterprise Core • Cisco Certified Specialist–Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation. In the new program, there would be no prerequisites for professional-level certifications.

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