What is the salary for a Cisco CCNA holder?

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Are you an entry-level help desk person in the IT field or a junior LAN administrator, and want to gradually improve the company's work level and get a higher salary? You already have one of the CompTIA A+ or one of the lower level Microsoft certifications, and you want to know how to enter the next level, and what skills are needed for the next jump? Most network professionals may tell you that now that you have a basic understanding of the working interface of your computer, now you need to learn how to manage network traffic and how it works! This blog will tell you the value and competitive average salary of CCNA. Also, SPOTO's 100% real CCNA exam dumps will help you pass the CCNA exam in the shortest time!

The value of CCNA certification

This earned us one of the most respected IT certifications, namely, Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA. The mission of CCNA is to establish, configure, and manage company networks, and since each company has a network, there is a massive demand for people who understand the core CCNA network. You will learn about the right flow of traffic in the network and how to create efficient and ultra-fast traffic for users without wasting precious bandwidth.

What is the salary of CCNA?

You may ask, what is the prospect of CCNA certified employees? How their salary look like now? Well, if I tell you, according to a recent survey, the salary range of CCNA is between US$39,000 and US$119,000, what would you say? You will be as shocked as me!
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About CCNA salary So let's look at a few data points and try to analyze the more information provided. The survey sample comes from more than 8,000 employees. The first problem you can see in the following survey is that we have an extensive skill set.

CCNA salary

About CCNA salary As you can see from the table above, we are talking about five different positions, all of which must have CCNA certification. Therefore, since the focus of this article is on how to promote your professional development and increase salary, let us briefly introduce the highest end of this salary survey, namely IT managers, senior network engineers, network engineers, which may make us stay. The next two graduated from the help desk network administrator and/or system administrator, correct stepping stone positions. Therefore, this puts our actual salary range between US$39,200 and US$86,491, which can be seen in Fortune 500 companies. This is important information about how CCNA holders can earn in salaries. Still, it does not tell you how much the CCNA certificate (compared to a primary Help Desk position) is worth, allowing you to break into the network administrator position. Therefore, let us look at another salary survey to determine the real value of CCNA certification. This is a salary survey of CompTia A+ certified technical experts and support technicians.

A + salary

About CCNA salary As can be seen from the chart, the salary range of both is in the middle scope of $29,000, and then increases to about $70K based on experience. But this gives us a real need for a fair comparison.

Comparison of CCNA benefits salary and A+ salary

In most cases, employees who break into the IT department with A+ certification can earn a salary of $30,000. While the starting salary for CCNA is about $40K. In this way, the equivalent of a salary increase of about 25% at the beginning, and then as your career progresses and obtains other Cisco certifications like CCNP, CCIE, its career path can grow to more than $100,000. Therefore, if you want to earn more income in the IT field, you should obtain CCNA certification and other certifications of information security and network security. SPOTO provides 100% real CCNA exam dumps to help you pass the CCNA exam the first time you try it. Join us now! Get CCNP Real Dumps Read more:

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