What kind of jobs can a CCNA get?

2021-02-22 15:24:50 SPOTO Club CCNA 91
CISCO is considered the leader of networking and IT across the globe; in its own words, it states that it would be working on translating how people communicate, connect and collaborate. Cisco would be offering a range of products and networking solutions that companies would readily adopt. Here are some of the Job titles which are associated with the CCNA Certifications.

1. Technical Support Engineers

With the current technological developments, clients and customers of any organization would require constant support and advice. This would be one of the CCNA jobs which would require you to help you out in troubleshoot and offer support. The support and configuration issues with a client's computer systems or networks could be resolved telephonically or remotely. Technical support engineers would be offering IT tech support by maintaining the regular functioning of customers' systems.

2. Systems Engineers (Fresher)

Every career is a starting point, and this could be considered the beginning point for CCNA engineers. Though direct access to routing and switching wouldn't be given, this job would be asking you to offer support in the form of LAN and WAN connectivity and provide necessary technical support to your organization for security, including routers and firewalls. Documentation maintenance, as well as a timely response to ticket alerts as well as notifications, would be amongst the other features.

3. Systems Engineer

Today, every organization in the world would require different systems, devices, and infrastructure. CCNA certified networking engineers would be having in-depth knowledge of installed infrastructures. You would possess to maintain the security and backup of the systems and provide support at the second and a third level within the organization.

4. Network Administrator

Never be confused with systems administration. Even in some lesser organizations, they would be expecting to take over responsibilities of both network administration and systems administration. To be clear, as a network support engineer, you would be expected to manage all the software and hardware and ensure smooth operation for the company's network infrastructure.

5. Information Technology (IT) Manager

The IT Manager would be expected to plan and direct all activities of an organization's IT department. Your role as a manager won't only require skills concerning operations, data processing, and systems. Still, it would also be testing your understanding of handling and systems administration of virtualized server environment.

6. Senior Network Engineer

The IT support team of every organization would be dependent on their senior network engineer to function seamlessly of their IT infrastructure. The role would require you to design, implement, deploy, maintain, and support the infrastructure within the recognized configuration. You would also be required to work within the guidelines and practices of changing the management policies. If you are looking forward to making your career in the job titles associated with the CCNA, you must gain the SPOTO CCNA Exam Dumps to ensure success in your first attempt.

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