Where Could I Buy Cheap Switches And Routers for CCNP and CCIE labs?

2019-12-05 11:00:10 SPOTO Club Cisco,CCIE Lab,CCNP 225
When you would be building your Cisco CCNA lab, it is pretty easy as three Cisco router and three Cisco switches will put you in a pretty good position at a pretty reasonable price. When building a Cisco CCIE lab, you concentrate on one particular discipline such as CCIE Security, Voice, Service Provider, Storage or Routing and Switching so you only have to purchase Cisco equipment for that area of expertise. You could either set up your own lab, which is not recommended, or you could opt for the CCNP and CCIE Lab courses, like offered by the SPOTO Club, which grants you real lab equipment, to help you achieve your certification in a single attempt. Now with building your Cisco CCNP lab, you have to cover three different modules that encompass many different networking technologies. The modules are ROUTE (300-101) which would be basically advancing your routing concepts extending everything you have learned in your Cisco CCNA training to the next level. This module requires a plethora of Cisco routers to complete most of these CCNP labs. SWITCH (300-115) which also extends on what you learned in your CCNA training from a Cisco Switching perspective adding in new concepts such as additional Layer 3 switching and QoS to a greater degree. This module really gets into the nitty-gritty of Cisco Switching and thus requires some of the higher-end switches that are layer 3 capable. Finally, we have TSHOOT (300-135) which covers troubleshooting from the combined topics of ROUTE (300-101) and SWITCH (300-115). If you have purchased IOS 15.x Cisco routers for your CCNA (200-150) module, then you could consider yourself in good shape. This only makes it easier to expand your lab into one for the CCNP labs! Thus to a large degree, you will be able to use the equipment in the first two modules to support the concepts in the TSHOOT (300-135) module. Get more about cisco ccnp route exam cost click here. Cost-Effective CCIE Lab Solutions! This is an especially great solution for companies who want to train their staff to obtain their Cisco CCIE certifications but can't afford to have their top network engineers off-site for two weeks at a time. Additionally, the cost savings of purchasing the kit one time which can be used for multiple employees is tremendous! Instead of looking at $60,000 to get four employees certified, what if you could tell your boss you could set up a lab with all the exact same lectures, lab workbooks, equipment and resources for about $3,000! That averages out to $750 per employee for CCIE training! Where can you get hands-on CCIE training for that cheap? SPOTO Club can supply you with all the equipment you need to build your very own Cisco CCIE home lab that has been updated for the new CCIE exam. Why spend $15,000 on a twelve-day Cisco CCIE boot camp that you will walk away with only a lab workbook and a stack of notes? Wouldn't it make more sense for you to own your own Cisco routers and Cisco switches in your home lab that you can practice with at your leisure for as long as you like with no interruptions? Sure you may be thinking, but I won't be having access to the CCIE lectures or other materials. Well, yes you will and SPOTO Club has your Cisco lab solution for you and it will be cheaper than attending a CCIE Bootcamp in person and you will own your equipment! How cool is that? We are going to change the way you approach your CCIE training while saving you thousands of your hard-earned dollars! So, join us and gain your CCIE Certification in a single attempt