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    Windows is considered to be a series of operating systems, computer OS (operating system), which would be developed by Microsoft for personal desktops/devices or computers (PCs). Each operating system would be coming with a GUI (graphical user interface) with a desktop that would allow users to view all files, videos, etc. It would be designed for running on x86 hardware, which would be the AMD, Intel processors. So windows OS comes with almost all companies who would have manufactured PC's or laptops. Linux is considered to be an open-source operating system that would be based on UNIX, created in 1991. It is considered to be the software that would be positioned underneath all other software on a computer. Individuals could modify the existing code as well as would be able to create distributions from it as it is an open-source operating system. What is Windows Operating System? The first version of Windows OS released in 1985 is a simple GUI, an extension of the existing disk operating system (MS-DOS). Most of the PC would be currently running on the Windows operating system only. The latest Windows OS version would be Windows 10, which is presently ruling the market. What is a Linux Operating System? Linux is considered to be an open-source operating system based on UNIX, in 1991. Linux operating system also comes with a GUI (graphical user interface) with some necessary software that would be used daily. It is also utilized in mobile devices, desktop computers, digital storing devices, gaming consoles, eBook readers, cameras, video recorders have Linux running. Differences Between Linux and Windows Below mentioned are the Differences Between Linux and Windows: Linux is considered to be for an open-source operating system, whereas Windows OS is commercial. Linux would be having access to source code and altering the code as per user requirement, whereas Windows doesn't have access to source code. Linux would be running faster than the window's latest editions, even with a modern desktop environment as well as features of the operating system. In contrast, windows would be slow on older hardware. Linux distributions don't collect user data whereas Windows collect all the user details which could lead them to privacy concern. Linux is considered to be reliable then windows as in Linux, we could kill application if they would have hanged through x kill command whereas, in windows, we would be required to try multiple times to kill it. In Linux, software cost is considered to be almost free as all utilities, programs, complex applications such as the open office are free, but windows would also be having many free programs. They would be utilized, but most of the programs are considered to be commercial. Linux is considered to be highly secure because it would be quite easy to identify bugs and fix. In contrast, Windows has a large user base and becomes a target for developers of viruses and malware. Corporate organizations utilize Linux as servers as well as an operating system for security purposes at Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In contrast, windows are considered to be mostly used by gamers and business users. Linux, as well as windows, have the same priority over hardware and driver support in the current situation. Hence, if you wish to obtain success in a single attempt, you would be able to do it if you have cleared your Linux Certification in the very first attempt. You should acquire the training courses offered at the SPOTO Club. We offer 100% real Linux certification exam questions and answers to ensure you are fully prepared and help you pass the exam efficiently and smoothly. Join us to enhance your IT career.