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CCIE Data Center Lab Exam Overview

CCIE Data Center certification is a globally recognized expert-level certification from Cisco that aims to impart competent data center management skills required for implementing and troubleshooting today's complex data center networks. The CCIE certification would be focusing on building strong technical understanding to design scalable, reliable, as well as intelligent data center virtualization solutions and troubleshoot complex issues. The certification includes concepts on Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity, fabric infrastructure, storage networking and computing, automation and orchestration, network services. Knowledge of evolving technologies as well as their impact on the architectural framework, implementation, deployment models, as well as operations also forms a part of some important modules of the CCIE Data Center certification program.  The CCIE Data Center Lab Exam typically lasts for 8 hours and consists of a series of complex, real-world scenarios that candidates must successfully complete using their practical skills and knowledge. The exam is designed to challenge even the most experienced professionals, making it essential for candidates to have extensive hands-on experience in Data Center networking.
Spotoclub is here to help you achieve success in CCIE Data Center certification. We offer comprehensive training course materials and hands-on labs that simulate a real-world CCIE Data Center lab environment. Our service will allow you to become proficient with every technology and topic covered in the lab exam and increase your chances of attaining the coveted CCIE Data Center certification.  SPOTO offers a custom study plan and real CCIE Data Center Lab exam workbooks and solutions for every candidate so that you can prepare for passing the CCIE Data Center lab exam easily and fast. Contact us to know more details!


Our lab service package include

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Some knowledge you should know about CCIE DC certification

1.CCIE Data Center V3.0 LAB Examination Content

SPOTO CCIE Data Center V3.0 lab exam material includes 2 modules_ DES and DOO. Here are the details:
DES : Design 1 
DOO: 1  LAB1

The CCIE Data Center Lab Exam focuses on validating a candidate's practical skills and knowledge across various aspects of Data Center networking, including:
1. Cisco Data Center L2/L3 Technologies: Implementing and troubleshooting Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and technologies specific to Data Center environments, such as VXLAN, EVPN, and FabricPath.
2. Data Center Network Services: Configuring and troubleshooting various network services like load balancing, IP mobility, and multicast.
3. Data Center Storage Networking and Compute: Implementing and troubleshooting Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) components.
4. Data Center Automation and Orchestration: Leveraging tools and technologies for automating and orchestrating Data Center infrastructure, including Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) and Cisco UCS Director.
5. Data Center Fabric Infrastructure: Implementing and troubleshooting Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), including fabric policy configuration, tenant configuration, and external connectivity.
6. Evolving Technologies: Understanding emerging technologies and trends in Data Center networking, such as cloud computing, network programmability, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

2.CCIE DC Lab V3.0 Study Plan

CCIE DC LAB v3.0 Exam include 2 models(Design and Deploy&Operate&Optimize).

This is the material contect that you need will face them when you take exam.

Design: Design 1、2、3、4


this is CCIE DC LAB v3.0 study plan ,it is a suggestion.

if you can spend 2-4 hours on lab practice per day ,you can take exam after 2.5 months.

we provide 3 months service time ,you can follow your time to practice, it is flexible.

Note: DOO (Deploy & Operate & Optimize) has three parts, each part has 1-2 written test questions

3.CCIE DC LAB v3.0 Topology

The goal of the exam topology is to provide equipment for candidates to demonstrate skills and knowledge in configuring, managing, securing, and troubleshooting a complex data center infrastructure.
The CCIE Data Center exam topology consists of the following main components that candidates must configure and troubleshoot:

  • 2 Cisco Nexus switches (Nexus 9000 or 3000 series)
  • 2 Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects
  • 8 Cisco UCS blade or rack servers
  • 1 Cisco MDS multilayer director fiber channel switch
  • 2 Cisco APIC controllers
  • 2 Cisco ASA firewalls
  • 1 VMware vCenter server with at least 2 ESXi hosts and VMs
  • Network storage devices like NAS, SAN, and WAN emulators

4.What is added to CCIE DC LAB V3.0?

According to the current trend, ACI is the focus of the study, followed by nexus and UCS, and the content of storage is the least.
Compared with V3.0 and v2.1, nexus and storage are basically unchanged; ACI has added virtual pod, remote leaf and other contents, and it is estimated that multisite / multipod will be investigated (Big Change); and hyperflex is not added to DOO Practice part.
Aci is the key and difficult point of DC. And the inspection of automation. DOO includes three parts: NXOS, UCS and ACI. Each part of DOO includes configuration, troubleshooting, automation and written test questions.

5.What Is Included In Our CCIE Data Center Course?

Our course consists of instructor-led lectures and hands-on practice labs that cover all the topics found in the CCIE Data Center lab exam blueprints. From Architectures, Protocols, and Networking Services, to Automation & Orchestration, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Virtualization & Cloud Computing, our training materials are designed by industry professionals who have gone through the certification process themselves. You will gain experience in troubleshooting advanced data center technologies such as Cisco Nexus products and FCoE/FCIP protocols.

Our Labs Are Realistic And Include:
  • - Access to a full suite of routers, switches, servers and other equipment needed for the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam
  • - Up-to-date configurations that match those used on the actual exam
  • - Step by step instruction from our experienced instructors
  • - Configuration troubleshooting scenarios to give you an edge over your competitors
  • 6.What is considered to be the scope of CCIE Data Center Certification?

    Considering the current market trends, Data Center professionals are considered to be quite high in demand for helping evolve new business models that would be including IoT, big data as well as cloud and also help them modernize existing critical business applications with world-class data center infrastructure. Gaining the CCIE Data Center certified would be able to help you to corner promising job roles like:

    • Information technology specialist
    • Customer Delivery Architect
    • Technical Solutions Engineer
    • Principal Network Engineer
    • Customer success specialist- Datacenter
    • Senior SD-WAN Systems Engineer/Specialist

    The average salaries of CCIE Data Center certified professionals would be ranging from $58,675 to $133,013 subject to the skills, designations, as well as experience. 

    7.SPOTO CCIE DC Lab V3.0 Study Guide

    Choose SPOTO CCIE DC lab study materials, we will help you finish CCIE DC Exam v3.1 online training within 8 weeks. If you practice SPOTO CCIE DC v3.0 lab material 2-4 hours per day. Tutors and service will assist you along with the whole preparation. Every module we do provide CCIE DC lab workbooks, solutions, and tutorial videos. Watch tutorial videos first to get familiar with how to do work; practice 100% real lab dumps.

    Details of SPOTO CCIE DC Lab V3.0 Study Plan

    Those pursuing the prestigious CCIE Data Center certification should develop a thorough study plan focused on deep understanding of the technologies and skills covered in the CCIE Data Center Blueprint. Using a reputable CCIE data center book as a knowledge base along with quality CCIE DC dumps for exam preparation is key. Track your progress in mastering the CCIE Data Center Blueprint, concentrating efforts on your weakest domains first. Take initial baseline diagnostic tests to identify gaps, then create a timeline for your study plan, budgeting at least 3-6 months of intensity ive preparation. Organize study materials and CCIE dc dumps by domain, collecting hands-on practice labs for critical hands-on skills. Allow ample time, 60% or more of your plan, for configuring live equipment to internalize concepts.

    Register and schedule the CCIE data center written exam well in advance to lock in motivated study time. Refer frequently to the CCIE data center written exam domains to ensure exam readiness. Schedule the demanding lab last after passing the written and attaining expert-level confidence . With determination and quality preparation, the coveted CCIE data center salary compensation and prestigious recognition as a technical authority will be within your reach. To maintain progress in challenging lab exam preparation, SPOTO CCIE DC Lab provides the best practice equipment, You can remotely perform experimental exercises on SPOTO's server.

    8.CCIE DC LAB v3.0 sample

    Part 1: NXOS 

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 VPC IN DC1

    In preparation for providing uplink connectivity for the server team, you have been asked to configure and correct two virtual port channels to the fabric interconnects:

    ·      Use Port Channel ID 100 for FI A and Port Channel 200 for FI B. Use N5K-1/2 port 1/8-9 to create vpc. Only trunk the required VLANs. Use Interface VLAN 10 as needed.

    ·      End to end connection to the VPC. One of the devices will be selected as the master device, and the other device will become a slave device.

    ·      This function allows the gateway of local VPC device to forward the message normally when the layer 3 message with the target MAC address of peer VPC device is sent to the local

    ·      Improve the convergence time of three-layer traffic.

    ·      N5k is configured with a loopback address as the VXLAN address.

    ·      Refer to the topology diagram as required.



    feature vpc

    vpc domain 10


      peer-keepalive destination source


      ip arp synchronize

    interface port-channel10

      vpc peer-link

    interface port-channel100

      vpc 100

    interface port-channel200

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