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CCIE Wireless LAB Exam Information

CCIE Wireless certification can prove the candidates who master the expert-level knowledge and skills on wireless networking and WLAN technologies. After you take the CCIE wireless written exam, you should pass the lab exam within 3 years. Or you will retake the written exam before being allowed to try the CCIE lab exam again. It will waste a lot of money and time. SPOTO offers professional CCIE wireless lab study materials so that we can help you to go through the lab exam easily in the first attempt. Contact us to know more details! 
If you would be looking forward to obtaining the CCIE Wireless certification, you are required to go through two exams, which would be the core exam as well as the specialization exam. The core exam for CCIE as well as CCNP is the same. Once you would have cleared the core exam, you should clear the CCIE Wireless lab exam for earning your certification for CCIE Wireless.

Wire LAB

Our lab service package include

1、workbook and solution, all materials is same as exam, you will face it come from our materias when you take exam.
2、we provide rack to practice, the rack include IOS、init configuration and so on.
3、If you have any problem or difficulty during the practice ,our tutor will help you to solve it through teamview.
4、we provide tutorial video that explain workbook and solution, it also show you how to config one section by one section.

Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.SPOTO CCIE Wireless Lab Study Plan

CCIE EW LAB Exam include 2 models(Design and Deploy&Operate&Optimize).

This is the material contect that you need will face them when you take exam.

Design: Design 1


this is CCIE EW LAB v1.0 study plan

if you can spend 2-4 hours on lab practice per day, you can take exam after 9 weeks.

we provide 3 months service time, thus you will have enough time to practice, so you can follow your timetable, it is flexible.

2.CCIE EW Topology


CCIE EW LAB Design demo:

Design Part Example:


Taking into account MALEN's requirements, which two recommendations accommodate for the redundancy requirements for APs and WLCs?


Enable etherchannel load-balance src-dst-port on the switches where APs are connected.


DOO Part:

Section 1 Inrastructure

1.1 - Traditional L2/L3 Infrastructure

There have been reports of suboptimal path selection and connectivity issues at the Manchester warehouse. Troubleshoot these issues to restore proper network operation.

• UKWH1-S3 (9200-3) should use the connection to UKWH1-S1 (3650-1) as its primary link, and the link towards UKWH1-S2 (3650-2) for redundancy.

• UKWH1-S4 (9200-4) should use the connection to UKWH1-S2 (3650-2) as its primary link, and the link towards UKWH1-S1 (3650-1) for redundancy.

4.Details of Cisco CCIE Wireless v1.0 Lab Exam:

Exam Objective: To validate expert-level knowledge and skills required to design, deploy, configure, and manage enterprise Wi-Fi networks. The CCIE wireless lab exam is considered to be an 8-hour hand-on test for authenticating one’s skills in designing, implementing, deploying, planning, and optimizing a network throughout its life cycle. The exam is going to costs you about $1,600 per attempt. Only those that would have cleared the CCIE/CCNP core exam could take the CCIE wireless lab exam. Major topics of CCIE Wireless Lab Exam:
Automation, Analytics, and Assurance (10%)
Enterprise Wired Campus (10%)
Enterprise Wireless Network (25%)
Radio Frequency and Standards (15%)
Wireless business applications and services (20%)
Wireless Security and Identity Management (20%)

5.Pass CCIE Wireless v1.0 Lab Exam key challenges are:

- Be proficient with configuring and managing Wireless Controllers (e.g. 5500) and Wireless APs (e.g. 3602).
- Proctor may deploy interference sources based on the network topology to test interference mitigation skills.
- Configuration tasks are difficult, requiring efficient completion of configuration and testing within tight timelines.
- Be proficient with various show commands to quickly troubleshoot network issues.
- Passing score is 1000 points, the exam is quite challenging, requiring extensive and in-depth study of wireless networking technologies.
In summary, the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam requires expert-level wireless networking knowledge and skills, proficiency with Cisco Wireless Controllers and Wireless APs, and strong abilities in wireless network configuration, management, and troubleshooting. It is also the highest technical certification in the wireless networking field. The exam is quite difficult but offers high professional credibility in wireless networking upon passing.

6.Why should I pass the CCIE WIRELESS Lab?

There are numerous benefits for the CCIE Wireless Certification, one of the most important benefits of passing the CCIE wireless lab exam would be that you obtain the certification for CCIE Enterprise Wireless. The certification would provide you the below-mentioned benefits_ 

Authenticates Your Skills :The certification would be able to prove that you would possess the skills and knowledge that would be relevant to the job roles of CCIE Wireless and the needs of the organization that would be hiring you. Those that gain the badge are considered prepared for the automation as well as network programmability because these topics would have been fully covered in the CCIE wireless lab exam. 

Obtain Job Quickly and Easily :Passing the core exam as well as the CCIE wireless lab test would be able to make you stand out among other job applicants when looking forward to obtaining a job. Employers would prefer to hire you because you would have proven your skill in dealing with the whole life cycle of a network as well as other emerging technologies. With your ability to design and build a CCIE wireless lab, you become a highly valued member of the company. 

Endless Job Opportunities :The job market for passers of the CCIE wireless lab exam would be growing swiftly. As someone with the CCIE Wireless certification, you would be able to apply for several job openings like the network engineer, network architect, and senior engineer, all of which would be high-paying jobs. The certificate brings a brand value knowing that anyone who would be acquiring the badge must have undergone the most rigorous training to pass the CCIE Wireless Lab exam. 

7.How to Pass CCIE WIRELESS Lab?

The SPOTO CCIE Wireless lab training is an ideal way for those who are looking to take their certification exam preparation journey to the next level. This bundle offers access to the entire Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless 1.0 Training Library with over 20 hours of on demand video lectures covering topics like 802.11 frame format analysis, troubleshooting WLAN performance issues using packet captures, wireless site survey best practices and more! You will also get hands-on practice in configuring Cisco IOS routers with WLAN controller features such as SSIDs, authentication methods and RF profiles as well as deploying autonomous or lightweight access points for both indoor and outdoor use cases. 

In addition to this bundle, you will have exclusive access to our team of dedicated instructors who have been teaching CCIE Enterprise Wireless for many years and are available 24/7 for any questions you may have about the course material or your progress along the way. We also offer mock labs so you can practice what you’ve learned before taking on the challenging CCIE Enterprise Wireless exam itself! With our help you can be confident that you’ll achieve success quickly and easily with your certification goals!

Fast-Pass Cisco Exam Service within 7 Days

A recent survey also showed that many IT professionals experienced a 20% salary raise after getting certified. So if you want to get certified and seldom get time to prepare for it, our SPOTO can help you to pass the exam on the first try. We will help you to answer questions remotely during your exam. We will ensure your IT certification experience goes as smoothly as possible. You don't need to take training, do long preparation, or learn. We will handle everything for you!

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Our standard service period is 3 months. In case you failed your first LAB-attempt within our standard 3 months, we will extend it to 4 months free of charge providing that you send us proof of your first failure, such as result screenshots with your full name on it. Please note we will stop all your services 3 days after your exam date if we were not notified of your free extension request. You can also purchase an additional month at USD $400 per month for a maximum of 2 additional months. You must apply within 2 months after your original service period expired, otherwise you have to re-purchase our standard service. In case you need a break during your service period, you can apply for account suspension for a minimal of 7 days. Please contact our tutor for any extension and suspension request. We reserve the rights to terminate all the services in case we learned you have been sharing our materials with others. Thank you for your understanding. 

5.What happens if the exam becomes unstable?

We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.