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Cisco CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Exam Information

The Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) Security v5.0 lab is an 8-hour, hands-on exam that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in implementing the most advanced security technologies and solutions. CCIE Security Lab exam focus on testing the candidates' skills to plan, design, implement, operate and troubleshoot a complicated security condition in a given specification. With the CCIE Security certification can prove you master an expert-level knowledge of Cisco security products and solutions. Candidates should pass the lab within 3 years of passing the CCIE Security Written Exam to achieve certification. Your first lab attempt must be made within 18 months. SPOTO offers custom study plan for every candidate so that you can prepare and pass the CCIE security lab exam easily and fast. Contact us to know more details! 

CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Exam Format: 8-hour lab exam with 3-4 complex security tasks covering the exam topics. The exam would be costing you about $1,600. Exam Objective: To validate expert-level knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. With diligent study and practice, the CCIE Security can demonstrate your expert-level security networking knowledge and skills. The certification offers high credibility and career advancement opportunities.  SPOTO provides online Cisco CCIE Security v6.1 Lab practice, with the real exam Same exam environment, and exam questions.


Our lab service package includes:

1. Workbook and solutions: All materials are identical to the actual exam, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the exam content.
2. Practice racks: Our provided racks include IOS and initial configurations, enabling hands-on practice.
3. Expert assistance: Should you encounter any problems or difficulties during practice, our tutors will provide support and guidance through TeamViewer.
4. Tutorial videos: We offer comprehensive tutorial videos that explain the workbook and solutions, guiding you through each configuration step-by-step.

Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.CCIE Security v6.1 LAB Study Plan

CCIE Security LAB Exam include 2 models(Design and Deploy&Operate&Optimize).

This is the material content that you need will face them when you take exam.

Design: 32 questions

Deploy&Operate&Optimize:1 set

This is CCIE Security v6.1 LAB study plan, it is a suggestion.
If you can spend 2~4 hours on lab practice per day, you can take exam after 9 weeks.
We provide 3 months service time, you can follow your time to practice, it is flexible. 1/2 stage has 2 hours and 4 hours to choose from, entering stage 3 has 4 hours and 8 hours to choose from


3.CCIE SEC Lab Exam CFG Demo

Task 1.1a : configure ASA1_V and ASA11_V For Active-Standby Failover

Your configuration should meet the following requirements_ 


Interface Gi0/0 : 

Address Primary-Standby: 

Name: outside Interface Gi0/1: 

Address Primary-Standby: 

Name: inside 

Interface Management 0/0: 

Address Primary-Standby: 

Name: mgmt 

Security level : 100




1、Sometimes should reconfigure Objects and Rules 

2、NGIPS has registered to FMC in the exam 

***************************************************************************************************** =================================================================== 

Permit EIGRP traffic 


Just confirm eth1-external zone , eth2-internal zone =================================================================== 

Check the preconfig of Objects


Add Rule 1 


4.CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Exam Topics

The newly released CCIE Security v6.1 Certification aims to ready candidates for expert-level security roles and set them apart as technical leaders. CCIE Security v6.1 incorporates automation and programmability. The CCIE Security Exam encompasses Core Security Technologies plus managing the whole network from planning and deploying to operating and troubleshooting.

CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Exam Topics

  • Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security (20%)
  • Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control (25%)
  • Infrastructure Security (15%)
  • Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention (20%)
  • Secure Connectivity and Segmentation (20%) to prepare for ccie security lab exam?

Preparing for the CCIE sec lab exam requires extensive study and practice on real lab infrastructure platforms such as those available at Spoto Club. Before attempting the actual lab exam it is important to familiarize yours elf with all of the topics covered by the exam including: threat mitigation strategies; VPN configurations; intrusion prevention & detection systems; authentication protocols & identity management; secure access solutions & data protection technologies; security solutions; wireless LAN security architecture & design; content filtering & firewall policies among many other topics that are evaluated during this 8 hour long lab exam session..

  • Practice! Practice! & Practice on Real Lab Infrastructure.
  • Be sure to be well versed in both theory and practical implementation strategies.
  • Be sure to be well versed in both theory and practical implementation strategies.
  • Knowledgeable about area such as networking fundamentals; routing protocols; Access control lists (ACLs); Switching fundamentals etc.,
To summarize, the CCIE Security Lab Exam assesses expert-level security networking skills and proficiency with Cisco security products. Candidates must be able to demonstrate strong abilities in designing, implementing, and operating end-to-end security solutions.

6.CCIE Security Lab Requirements

1) Becoming highly proficient with various Cisco security products. 
2) Gaining strong skills in security solutions across VPN, firewall, IPS, cloud security, endpoint security, etc.
3) Learning to integrate multiple security technologies into robust security architectures.  
4) Achieving an expert-level understanding of securing network infrastructures.
5) Doing extensive preparation and hands-on practice to prepare for the challenging lab tasks.

Since February 24, 2020, Cisco have implemented numerous changes in its certification programs for meeting the demands of fast-changing technologies. The latest CCIE certification would be requiring a candidate for passing a core exam and a concentration exam. The core exam is the same for CCNP and CCIE candidates. Nevertheless, they can choose a concentration area. If you want to get a CISCO CCIE Security Certification, you must take the CCIE Security lab exam after passing the 350-701 SCOR exam.

7.Why should I pass the CCIE Security LAB exam?

The CCIE Security certification is one of the most sought after networking certifications available today. It is the highest level of technical certification offered by Cisco Systems for Network Engineers and Administrators who specialize in enterprise-level security solutions. By earning this certificate ation you will gain recognition As an expert in designing, deploying, configuring, troubleshooting complex network infrastructures as well as demonstrate your ability to secure them against threats posed by malicious hackers or other malicious actors.You are required to invest time, money, as well as effort to obtain the badge, but you would be enjoying numerous benefits as follows:

High Salary :Having a CCIE Security certification is going to make you eligible for acquiring high salary packages. This certification would be one of the highest-paid IT certifications across the globe. Last Year, a CCIE Security badge holder would be able to earn you an average annual salary of $126,000. The world is in need of more than 200,000 CCIE Security certification holders while the actual number present would be only 6,000 CCIE sec lab certified globally. 

Increased job opportunities :Once you would become a CCIE sec lab certificate holder, lots of jobs await you. You could acquire the job roles like:
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
Acquiring these job roles would become quite easy if you possess the CCIE Security Certification anywhere across the globe. 

Career growth opportunities :With very few CCIE Security certification holders, you are going to have a tremendous chance to obtain promoted to top positions. Employers would offer much more attractive salary as well as benefits packages for convincing you to work in their company. 

8.How to Pass CCIE Security LAB Exam?

Although the CCIE Sec lab exam is believed to be one of the toughest Cisco certifications exams, there is one way of cracking it and passing the same on the first attempt. All you need to do is to obtain the CCIE sec lab exam dumps offered by SPOTO and have a 100% chance of passing the test in your first trial, you take it. 

Our CCIE security dumps are 100% authentic, real, and updated, which guarantees a 100% passing rate. SPOTO has always been the leader in providing online certification training courses since 2003. They have produced thousands of certification exam passers in the past 18 years. 

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A recent survey also showed that many IT professionals experienced a 20% salary raise after getting certified. So if you want to get certified and seldom get time to prepare for it, our SPOTO can help you to pass the exam on the first try. We will help you to answer questions remotely during your exam. We will ensure your IT certification experience goes as smoothly as possible. You don't need to take training, do long preparation, or learn. We will handle everything for you!

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Success stories from CCIE security v6.1 dumps in 2024

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I Have a Few Questions About ccie security lab dumps...

1.How long is my service period?

Our standard service period is 3 months. In case you failed your first LAB-attempt within our standard 3 months, we will extend 1 month free(with our rack) of charge providing that you send us proof of your first failure, such as result screenshots with your full name on it. Please note we will stop all your services 3 days after your exam date if we were not notified of your free extension request. We will stop providing services once you pass the exam in 3 months. 

2.How many hours are included on ccie security lab remote rack?

Up to 234 hours within your service period,including 80 hours virtual rack sessions, 96 hours physical sessions and 58 hours TS sessions. 

3.How to use ccie security lab remote rack?

You use the software of CRT to login. We have a tutorial to show you how to use. there is no requirement for PC performance when remote access rack. You can schedule your practice time on our schedule system, it is 4 hours per session. you can schedule practice time before 24 hours. 

4.What is the difference between physical rack and virtual rack?

The difference between physical rack and the virtual rack is the interface of 4 firewalls. Others are the same. Virtual rack:The interface of 4 firewall use E0/0, Physical rack:The interface of 4 firewall use G0/0. 

5.What happens if the exam becomes unstable?

We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to the exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.