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CCIE Service Provider v5.0 Certification and Training

The CCIE Service Provider Certification lab exam requires the candidates to master the skills to configure, optimize, diagnose, and troubleshoot a complicated networking scenario. The hands on LAB exam will cost 8 hours. It consists of 3 modules and should to be taken in the following sequence during the day of the exam: TS modules (2 hours). Diagnostic Modul (1 hour), Configuration Module (5 hours). You should prepare carefully and follow a study plan to pass it easily. SPOTO offers a series of training materials of CCIE SP LAB to help every candidate pass the CCIE lab certification exams. Contact us to know more details!

The CCIE Service Provider exam requires mastering IP MPLS, BGP, QoS and other SP core technologies, has a very deep understanding of configuration, debugging and troubleshooting, and also needs to be proficient in operating systems and commands of various Cisco network devices. This is a relatively difficult but very valuable technical certification. After passing it, you can become a recognized SP network expert. It verifies that candidates have broad and deep IP MPLS and BGP skills and are able to configure, troubleshoot and optimize complex service provider IP MPLS and BGP networks.


Our lab service package include

1、workbook and solution, all materials is same as exam, you will face it come from our materias when you take exam.
2、we provide rack to practice, the rack include IOS、init configuration and so on.
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Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.CCIE SP v5.1 LAB Exam Syllabus & Objectives:

The service providers, also known as carriers, are the most crucial link in the chain connecting internet availability and access. With the demand for rich data such as video feeds growing exponentially, more and more enterprise applications are shifting to the cloud. Total internet traffic has risen in the previous two decades, according to a VNI study (CISCO VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast 2017-2022 Feb 2019). In 1992, global internet traffic was estimated to be at 1. 100GB/Day. It reached 100 GBps in 2002. International internet traffic peaked at about 45000 GBps in 2017. IP traffic is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 26% until 2022 if current trends continue. According to the same report, about. There will be 4.8 billion worldwide internet users, 28.5 billion networked devices and connections, and video will account for 82 percent of all traffic. Now factor in 5.7 billion worldwide mobile users, 12.3 billion mobile-ready devices, and 930 EB (exabytes per EB) of yearly mobile data flow. Data Center Traffic is predicted to climb 3.0x by 2021, according to the Global Cloud Index (GCI) Forecast. Global Data Center Traffic is expected to reach 20.6 ZB (Zettabytes), with the cloud accounting for 95 percent of all Data Center traffic.

Cisco has updated its flagship certification program to suit the industry's fast-changing technology demands and adoption trends. The certification program's primary concept is "Be Job-Ready Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond." The redesigned certification program reflects changing market expectations and Cisco's response to those requests and needs.

The CCIE Service Provider lab exam v5.1 was designed to assess skills in the integration, interoperability, configuration, and troubleshooting of service provider solutions in complex networks and the problems of voice, video, and data.

Cisco has updated its focus on confirming the competency and skillsets of a CCIE to reflect the changing dynamics and future needs of the industry due to evolving technologies and sophisticated industry expectations.

Professionals with CCIE certifications can no longer limit themselves to network troubleshooting, diagnosis, and configuration activities. To set up, run, and maintain its ever-changing network needs, the industry expects them to take on a much more significant and more complex role. The new CCIE Service Provider lab test v5.1 is designed to evaluate and validate a candidate's abilities across the whole lifecycle of developing, implementing, running, and optimizing complex Service Provider technology and solution deployments.

Cisco has relaunched the Certification program for a CCIE to manage Day 0, Day 1, and Day 1 of the network life cycle. It means that a CCIE should handle design on day one, deploy and set up the solution on day one, and then operate, manage, and optimize it. This is the entire premise of the new certification system. Another factor that has played a significant impact is the emphasis on automation and network programming ability.

It essentially means that the CCIE certification program has been completely revamped based on an updated syllabus to meet the industry's current and future needs, an examination method (lab structure) to validate skillsets across the network lifecycle, and a marking system that matches the difficulty rating and weightage.

2.CCIE SP Lab Study Plan

Introduction to exam modules and exam preparation

CCIE SP LAB Exam include 2 models(Design and Deploy&Operate&Optimize).

This is the material contect that you need will face them when you take exam.

Design: Design 1、Design 2、Design 3、Design 4


this is CCIE SP LAB v5.1 study plan

if you can spend 2-4 hours on lab practice per day, you can take exam after 1.5 months.

we provide 3 months service time, thus you will have enough time to practice, so you can follow your timetable, it is flexible.

3.CCIE SP LAB v5.1 Topology

4.Design Demo

Design Part Example1:


To integrate the Emerald SP and Garnet SP IGP to ISIS, which steps are needed for successful integration? 



Enable ISIS Level 2 on links between X and Y

Enable OSPF from Garnet SP routers

Design Part Example2:


Select the appropriate L2VPN solutions based on the Green Corporation requirements listed below to extend the services to their branches and data centers. 

Make sure you select relevant requirements on all three matrices that apply for each L2VPN solutions. (Select all that apply.)


Q1 -System Level High Availability

ISP1 service provider must to improve high availability to increase their SLA to “five nines”.

John Smith, the operations engineer, is working with Andy Potter, the design engineer, to resolve the issue related to NSR. NSR was deployed in a few devices last weekend, and it seems it is not working as expected.

Based on the information that is provided, select the option from the drop-down list that describes the problem with NSR that John and Andy want to fix.

  • The Cisco IOS devices have both Cisco and IETF NSF enabled, but the Cisco IOS XR devices have only Cisco NSF enabled.
  • NSR is not enabled on A1-CRS-R4 device.
  • The IS-IS spf timers must match between Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XR devices in order to NSR to work consistently.
  • NSR and NSF do not work together. NSF must be disabled.
  • NSR works only if ispf timers are specified.
  • There is a hardware issue. RP/DRP module should be replaced on A1-CRS-R4.
  • Opaque TLV capability must be negotiate during the IS-IS initialization in order to NSR to work properly.
  • Cisco IOS XR devices are not NSR compatible with Cisco IOS devices


A1-CRS-R4 does not have a second RP/DRP module

5.SPOTO CCIE Service Provider v5.1 LAB Workbook Content

Here at Spotoclub, we offer the best resources for obtaining your Cisco CCIE Service Provider certification. Our self-paced training courses provide you with the essential material needed to prepare for the rigorous CCIE Service Provider Lab exam. They cover a variety of topics from basic networking concepts like IP subnetting and routing protocol configuration to advanced topics such as Layer 2 VPNs (L2VPN) and Quality of Service (QOS). Each course includes detailed video lectures, hands-on lab exercises and practice test simulations so you can evaluate your comprehension of the material prior to taking your exam. 

Our package also includes exclusive access to our CCIE SPv4 Lab Workbook which provides an additional level of challenge for those looking to gain an edge when taking their exams. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical application through hands-on labs designed by experts in the field that cover everything from basic IP addressing to complex QoS configurations. 

Earning a Cisco CCIE Service Provider Certification proves your expertise in today’s most advanced technology solutions. With our comprehensive training package and workbook, you can be confident that you are prepared for success on your Lab exams!

The TS and DIAG modules prepare you for troubleshooting different failures and issues in the network. The CFG module provides full dress rehearsal configuring the entire SP lab topology from end-to-end.

Having multiple sets of TS, DIAG, and full lab configurations allows you to gain experience with a wide variety of troubleshooting and configuration scenarios to fully prepare for the CCIE Service Provider lab exam. The material is designed to build skills in a progressive manner leading up to full exam readiness.

6.The CCIE Service Provider v5.1 lab exam covers the following topics:

Exam in the Domain Lab ( percent )

30 percent core routing

Architecture and Services for Service Providers 22 percent

Access and Aggregation accounted for 21% of the total.

High Availability and Quick Convergence (15%)

Security, operation, and management of service providers 12 percent

The CCIE Service Provider v5.1, on the other hand, will evaluate the following topics:

Exam in the Domain Lab ( percent )

25 percent core routing

25% of the budget is allocated to architecture and services.

ten percent access connectivity

High Availability and Quick Convergence – 10%

ten percent security

Assurance and automation account for 20% of the total.

Please see the following link for a complete list of exam topics for the CCIE Data Center v3 lab exam:

7.CCIE SP Exam Tutorial Videos

Fast-Pass Cisco Exam Service within 7 Days

A recent survey also showed that many IT professionals experienced a 20% salary raise after getting certified. So if you want to get certified and seldom get time to prepare for it, our SPOTO can help you to pass the exam on the first try. We will help you to answer questions remotely during your exam. We will ensure your IT certification experience goes as smoothly as possible. You don't need to take training, do long preparation, or learn. We will handle everything for you!

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