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After performing the program evaluation and review technique (PERT), the following information was produced.

Estimate typeDuration(hours)
Most likely(tM)5

Using a beta distribution, how many hours is the weighted average activity time?

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A project manager recently involved with constructing a hospital in country A is now managing the construction of an identical hospital in country B. Due to the projects' similarities, a team member proposes adapting the lessons learned from country A's project, and proceeding without updating the lessons learned during construction in country B.
What should the project manager do?

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A project team is developing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system under a tight deadline. During quality assurance testing, a number of issues are detected. However, the developers mistrust quality assurance and are uncooperative
What should the project manager do to address the conflict?

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A project manager creates an intranet project repository available to all stakeholders. The expectation is that all updated documents will be shared via this repository
What type of communication does this describe?

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A project manager is receiving conflicting requirements from several stakeholders, all of which are ranked as high. What should the project manager do?

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What Is the PMI?
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a global, nonprofit, professional organization. Its primary aim is to elevate project management practices. It was founded in 1969 and presently has more than 3 million project management professionals across the globe.
How to Join the PMI? There Are Five Steps to Fulfill:
1) Fulfill Eligibility Criteria
All PMI certifications require you to meet domain experience levels, educational levels or both before you apply. You should offer the details of your education or experience.
2) Complete Application
When you meet all requirements, and it’s time to apply:
Contact information — email, address, phone number
Education attained — school attended, level of education attained, degree date
Domain experience — details of the projects, programs, portfolios you’ve worked on including qualifying hours, dates of employment, role, organization details, reference, and experience summary
Domain education — names of courses completed, institutions attended, dates, qualifying hours
3) Application Review
Once we receive your application, we’ll verify that you meet the eligibility criteria and that your experience and/or education is valid and consistent with the guidelines stated in the certification handbook.
4) Payment
After we notify you that your application is approved, it’s time to provide payment so you can move to the final stage.
5) Schedule Exam Appointment
Once you are eligible, PMI will e-mail you exam scheduling instructions with your eligibility code, which you will need when scheduling your exam appointment. You can schedule your exam appointment online or by telephone.

What Is the PMP Certified Exam?
PMP certification can be said to be the most respected international certification in project management. Here is the certified gold standard, and as of August 2019, the number of people certified by 932720. PMP is one of the most challenging of all the project management certifications offered.

All PMI Certification Types You Should Know:
Project management expert (PMP)® certification established by the School of Project Management (PMI) is one of the most valuable and respected certificates in project management. Obtaining and maintaining this project management certification demonstrates a solid foundation for effective management of project and project team experience and competencies.
PMI-RMP certificate is a professional certificate provided by PMI to respond to the growing demand of risk managers. prepare the PMI-RMP certification exam through a four-day instructor guidance course. This course studies risk management from a PMI perspective.
Program management professionals (PgMP) authenticate program administrators. These managers can effectively handle multiple major projects at the same time and achieve business objectives. Therefore, the certificate recognizes the advanced experience, skills and mature ability to manage multiple related projects. PgMP certificate holders monitor the success of the plan by navigating complex activities in the organization. Because the project manager groups multiple related projects, he is more efficient than the independent project manager. This certificate indicates that you have been promoted to project manager and have the advantage of surpassing your peers.
PMI Agile(ACP) certification practitioners formally recognize your understanding of Agile principles and your skills in Agile technology. It will make you more dazzling to employers, stakeholders, and colleagues.
If you haven’t had enough time to apply PMP, please do n’ t worry. you can go to CAPM the certification assistant in project management. CAPM is PMI entry-level project management certification. you can obtain CAPM certification with less than one year of project management experience.
PMI-PBA certification is one of the fastest growing certifications in business analysis and project management. Business analysis has become the key capability of project management. As a result, PMI-PBA certification can help if you want to develop your career.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam

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