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Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 Encor) Overview

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0  ENCOR 350-401 exam is a vital professional-level certification assessment assessing your expertise in enterprise networking technologies. Earning success here is essential for attaining both the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core certifications. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of implementing core enterprise network technologies including dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network assurance, security and automation. The course, Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.
350-401 ENCOR is considered to be a 2-hour or 120-minute exam which has the sole purpose to tests your overall knowledge of implementing core enterprise network technologies. After clearing the core exam, you would be having about 3 years for taking a concentration exam s well as earn the CCNP Enterprise certification. it is recommended to possess about 3 to 5 years of relevant networking experience.  After the reformation of Cisco's in 2020, the CCNP 350-401 exam couldn’t only earn you an expert certificate, but would also be providing a qualification exam for the CCIE Lab exam. The Cisco ENCOR 350-401 exam would be replacing the following Cisco R&S exams. 

Exam Code:
350-401 ENCOR
Exam Fee:
Exam Duration:
120 minutes
Available language:
English, Japanese
Exam Format:
multiple choices

Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.What are 350-401 encor dumps?

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0 (ENCOR) is a 120-minute exam associates with the CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Certification. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of implementing core enterprise network technologies including dual stack(IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network assurance, security and automation. 

350-401 encor exam dumps are exam materials specially prepared by SOPTO for CCNP candidates. CCNP 350-401 dumps questions are compiled from real exam questions. All exam questions and answers have been reviewed and verified by experts. Encor 350-401 dumps exam questions and answers are regularly updated by our team to ensure consistency with the actual exam. High-quality and up-to-date 350-401 exam dumps can help you pass the exam successfully on the first attempt and make up for the lack of candidate test preparation.

2.Cisco encor 350-401 exam topics

Exploring the CCNP ENCOR exam topics,  the Cisco ENCOR 350-401 exam delves into crucial networking concepts, paving the way for Cisco ENCOR certification success. The Cisco ENCOR 350-401 exam covers six major topics:
1. Architecture (15%), The architecture topic covers the following subtopics:
Design principles
Layer 2 technologies
Layer 3 technologies
Wireless technologies
WAN technologies
2. Virtualization (10%), The virtualization topic covers the following subtopics:
Virtualization technologies
Network virtualization
Virtualization automation
3. Infrastructure (30%), The infrastructure topic covers the following subtopics:
Infrastructure components
Network assurance
Network security
4. Network Assurance (10%), The network assurance topic covers the following subtopics:
IP services
Network assurance technologies
Network assurance automation
5. Security (20%), The security topic covers the following subtopics:
Security components
VPN technologies
Infrastructure security
Threat defense
6. Automation (15%), The automation topic covers the following subtopics:
Automation tools

3.How to Pass CCNP 350-401 Exam?

If you would be possessing hands-on network experience, and if you are studying according to the exam blueprint and have acquired proper right resources, it would help you out in optimizing your Cisco 350-401 study. The latest Cisco 350-401 exam isn’t going to be that much easy, but if you would be working hard, you might have a chance to clear this exam. But if you wish to benchmark your success, you should obtain 100% Valid and 100% Reliable learning materials, like the SPOTO 350-401 dumps. 

4.Compared with 350-401 dumps free, what are the advantages of SPOTO?

SPOTO 350-401 dumps is an exam resource specially written by experts for candidates. It consists of the latest version of exam questions and contains 100+ real exam questions. All 350-401 exam questions and answers have been verified by an expert that he is accurate and valid.

350-401 dumps free are basically exam questions that are long overdue, which is not helpful for exam preparation, and it will waste your precious preparation time.

SPOTO CCNP 350-401 practice test would be comprised of the same practical exams as the real exams. All questions are going to be from the real 350-401 exam. Additionally, the VCE dump format could make you feel very professional in an environment that is like the real exam. The SPOTO 350-401 dumps consist of the questions and answers which are verified by the experts of CCIE. Therefore, if you would be practicing dumping for a few days, you would be able to grasp the key to the success of the 350-401 exam. SPOTO candidates could attempt to pass the CCNP 350-401 exam for the first time, within just 7 days of preparation time. SPOTO also provides a strong customer service team as well as a teacher team for more than 18 years. No matter what questions you would be asking, our team will reply to you quickly and provide teachers' technical support. We Offer Various Materials You to Prepare & Pass 350-401 Exam. 100% Guarantee Passing Rate and Professional Tutors Team.

5.Why should I pass CCNP 350-401 exam?

You would also be able to land some good job opportunities with higher salary potentials. After clearing the ENCOR 350-401 exam, you would be receiving the CCNP expert badge, which could prove your skills in implementing core enterprise network technologies. This increases the likelihood of a successful promotion or interview. Additionally, the CCNP corporate certification would be providing the expert network engineers with the information as well as skills required for handling Cisco products. It would be also providing the necessary industry-specific tool knowledge for completing its job as a network engineer. The current economy might be developing, but the IT business is still considered to be in good shape. Until recently, IT outsourcing organizations would have become mainstream but large organizations from manufacturers to hospitals would have also hired a growing team of internal IT experts. Cisco CCNP has a history of more than 20 years and through these 2 decades, it has managed to maintain its reputation. It would be expected that the CCNP would be prompted any number of personnel for entering a career alternative based on a mid-level network.

6.Who should take the CCNP 350-401 exam?

Cisco-certified network experts would be best suited for serving as network administrators, network engineers, as well as technical support personnel. Besides, this certificate would be also suitable for IT professionals who would be possessing about 3 to 5 years of relevant experience as well as could manage independently Cisco network technology. 

7.Why would the SPOTO CCNP 350-401 dumps help me pass the exam?

SPOTO 350-401 encor dumps provides online mock exams where you can familiarize yourself with the exam process, exam question format and correct answers in advance. The 350-401 exam dumps cover all the exam questions that will help you pass the exam successfully. 100% accurate CCNP exam practice is the most effective way to prepare for the exam, we have helped tens of thousands of Cisco candidates pass the exam and our pass rate is absolutely impressive.

8.CCNP Enterprise Recertification

CCNP enterprise certification is considered to be valid for about three years. Candidates would be able to recertify by clearing exams or by earning Continuing Education credits or the combination of both. CCNP 350-401 Certification is considered to be one of the top-notch certifications in the field of IT, if you are looking forward to gaining the same, you must check out the SPOTO CCNP 350-401 Exam Dumps. When it comes to IT Certification SPOTO is one of the best and leading training dumps providers.

Fast-Pass Cisco Exam Service within 7 Days

A recent survey also showed that many IT professionals experienced a 20% salary raise after getting certified. So if you want to get certified and seldom get time to prepare for it, our SPOTO can help you to pass the exam on the first try. We will help you to answer questions remotely during your exam. We will ensure your IT certification experience goes as smoothly as possible. You don't need to take training, do long preparation, or learn. We will handle everything for you!

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Frequently asked questions about 350-401 dumps

1.How to obtain 350-401 ENCOR exam questions after payment?

After purchasing, our system will send the practice account and exam guide to your email within half an hour. You can log in to the SPOTO online mock exam system according to the website, account and password we provide to take practice exams.

2.How can I get my money back if it fails?

We know taking exams can be stressful, and if you use our materials and fail the test, we'll offer you another exam service to make sure you pass. Our exam pass rate is over 95% so you don't have to worry.

3.What are the advantages of SPOTO CCNP 350-401 dumps?

One of the advantages of SPOTO CCNP 350-401 questions and answers is that they are accessible online, so you can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. You can take the practice test as many times as needed to pace your exam preparation. SPOTO dumps 100% covers all exam questions, you can fully trust cisco dumps questions, and you can pass the exam successfully.

4.What is the service period of SPOTO 350-401 dumps?

The service period is 8 days. SPOTO provides a smaller number of dump questions, so you have enough time to complete the practice exam. If your exam dumps have expired and you need to pay to renew.

5.Is SPOTO a scammer?

No! SPOTO is the world's outstanding IT training leader. We have a business history of 20+ years. SPOTO's mission is to help all candidates who want to obtain certification pass the exam the first time. Believe in SPOTO!