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    "Nokia NRS II Composite Exam," also known as the 4A0-C01 Exam, related to Nokia Network Routing Specialist II and Nokia Service Routing Architect certifications. With our valid and real 4A0-C01 exam questions and answers, SPOTO will help you pass your 4A0-C01 Exam in the first try. SPOTO offers a free demo for the 4A0-C01 Exam below. You can check out the question quality and usability of our practice tests before your purchase. Test yourself now! QUESTION 1  Which OSPFv3 LSA is similar to the OSPFv2 Type 5 LSA?  A. AS External  B. Inter-Area Prefix  C. Inter-Area Router  D. Intra-Area Prefix  Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2  Which of the following best describes the type of packets used by OSPF routers to exchange updates on a point-to-point link?  A. IP packets sent to an IP multicast address.  B. TCP packets sent to an IP multicast address.  C. Ethernet frames sent to an Ethernet MAC address.  D. UDP packets sent to an IP multicast address.  Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3  What event causes an OSPF adjacency to change from 'down' to 'two way'?  A. The router receives a link-state update in response to a link-state request.  B. The router receives a hello packet from its neighbor that contains its router ID in the neighbor list.  C. The router receives a database description packet from its neighbor.  D. The router receives a link-state acknowledgment in response to a link-state update.  Correct Answer: B QUESTION 4  Which of the following about Type 4 LSAs is FALSE?  A. A Type 4 LSA is not generated in a single area AS.  B. A Type 4 LSA is generated by the ABRs of the area that contains the ASBR.  C. A Type 4 LSA advertises the external networks connected to the ASBR.  D. A Type 4 LSA is not flooded in the area that contains the ASBR.  Correct Answer: C QUESTION 5  Which of the following is the correct IPv6 interface identifier that is derived from the MAC address 00-16-4D-13-5C-AE?  A. 0016:4DFF:FE13:5CAE  B. 0016:4DFF:0013:5CAE  C. 0216:4DFF:FE13:5CAE  D. 0216:4DFF:0013:5CAE  E. 0016:4DFE:0013:5CAE  Correct Answer: C  QUESTION 6  Which of the following statements regarding the IS-IS CSNP is FALSE?  A. CSNPs are used to maintain consistency in the Link-State database.  B. CSNPs are advertised before an adjacency is formed with another router.  C. There are two types of CSNPs: Level 1 and Level 2.  D. The CSNP lists the LSPs in the router's database  Correct Answer: B  QUESTION 7  Which of the following best describes downstream on-demand label distribution?  A. An LSR answers requests for label mappings immediately, without waiting for a label mapping from the next-hop.  B. An LSR advertises label mappings to all peers for which it might be a next-hop for a given FEC.  C. An LSR distributes a label mapping for an FEC when it has been requested to do so.  D. An LSR propagates a label mapping downstream for an FEC, only if it has a label mapping for the FEC's next-hop.  Correct Answer: C  QUESTION 8  Which of the following describes constraint-based routing?  A. A mechanism that implements opaque LSAs.  B. A mechanism that computes routes based on specified requirements.  C. A mechanism that ensures the IGP best route is used.  D. A mechanism that enables LDP signaling to use a route other than the IGP best route.  Correct Answer: B  QUESTION 9  Which of the following is true when the implicit null is implemented?  A. The penultimate router will pop the top label from the packets.  B. The eLER will receive packets with a top label value of 3.  C. The eLER will receive packets with a top label value of 0.  D. The penultimate router will always receive unlabeled packets.  Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10  Which of the following is a benefit of traffic engineering?  A. It avoids packet loss based on QoS classification.  B. It optimizes resources by making use of redundant links.  C. It automatically selects paths based on traffic congestion.  D. It always selects the best path based on standard IGP path calculation.  Correct Answer: B Prepare & Pass 4A0-C01 Exam with SPOTO's 100% Real and Valid Exam Dumps! · SPOTO provides 100% real 4A0-C01 exam Q&As to help you clear the 4A0-C01 Exam in a single attempt.  · SPOTO will update the 4A0-C01 Exam regularly to ensure the materials are the latest and stable · SPOTO offers 7/24 customer service to assist you in solving all the doubts and queries.  Therefore, for candidates who are ready to clear the 4A0-C01 Exam at the first try, using the real 4A0-C01 Exam dumps from SPOTO is the most efficient and easy way to get the Nokia Network Routing Specialist II certification!