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Details of the CCNP Security 350-701 SCOR Exam

CCNP 350-701 SCOR Certification exam mainly tests your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies. It is the core exam of ccnp security and CCIE security certification exam. This exam tests your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies, including: Network security Cloud security Content security Endpoint protection and detection Secure network access Visibility and enforcement.
350-701 SCOR exam evaluates a candidate's knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. Candidates must demonstrate both conceptual and hands-on abilities with technologies such as VPN, firewall, IPS, NAC, content security, cryptography, and threat detection/mitigation.  This exam focuses on conceptual and practical aspects of Cisco network security technologies, solutions, and implementations. SPOTO offers latest CCNP 350-701 SCOR exam dumps for candidates to study and pass 350-701 SCOR exam fast. SPOTO CCNP 350-701 dumps questions will help you pass CCNP SCOR exam on the first attempt.

CCNP 350-701 SCOR  Exam Format: 
120 minutes, 60-70 questions, multiple-choice (single and multiple responses) and drag & drop. 

Exam Code:
350-701 SCOR
Exam Format:
multiple choices
Exam Fee:
Exam Duration:
120 minutes
Exam Certifications:
Cisco Certified Soecialist Security Core

Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.Study materials for preparing for the 350-701 SCOR Exam

The Cisco 350-701 SCOR (Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies) exam is a critical step towards gaining the esteemed CCNP Security certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to security infrastructure, including networking, cloud and content, endpoint protection, and more.

350-701 SCOR practice exams are indispensable in your preparation journey. They provide a variety of exam questions that mimic the real exam format and allow you to assess your understanding and readiness. Through these practice exams, you'll be able to learn from your mistakes by reviewing the questions and answers.

the 350-701 SCOR exam not only tests your knowledge but also your ability to apply that knowledge in practical situations. By combining a deep understanding of the course content, regular practice with exam questions, and reviewing trustworthy 350-70 1 dumps, you'll be well-equipped to ace the exam and move closer to achieving the CCNP Security certification.
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CCNP 350-701 SCOR dumps are designed to moderator candidates familiar with the actual exam questions, 50-601 DCCOR dumps are the best supplement to CCNP training courses, certification guides and other learning materials, it will greatly increase your chances of passing the CCNP Security Core exam.

350-701 SCOR exam dumps contains more than 150 question banks, all exam questions are from the latest version of the real exam. CCNP 350-701 dumps are compiled by SPOTO CCNP experts in combination with the test guide and the actual test. All 350-701 SCOR exam questions and answers are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. We will update our Security 350-701 SCOR exam questions with the latest exam changes, covering 100% of the actual exam.

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3.What is the topic of scor 350-701 exam?

1.0 Security Concepts (25%)
1.1 Explain common threats against on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments
1.2 Compare common security vulnerabilities such as software bugs, weak and/or hardcoded passwords
1.3 Describe functions of the cryptography components
1.4 Compare site-to-site and remote access VPN deployment types and components
1.5 Describe security intelligence authoring, sharing, and consumption
1.6 Describe the controls used to protect against phishing and social engineering attacks
1.7 Explain North Bound and South Bound APIs in the SDN architecture
1.8 Explain Cisco DNA Center APIs for network provisioning, optimization, monitoring, and troubleshooting
1.9 Interpret basic Python scripts used to call Cisco Security appliances APIs

2.0 Network Security (20%)
2.1 Compare network security solutions that provide intrusion prevention and firewall capabilities
2.2 Describe deployment models of network security solutions and architectures that provide intrusion prevention and firewall capabilities
2.3 Describe the components, capabilities, and benefits of NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow records
2.4 Configure and verify network infrastructure security methods
2.5 Implement segmentation, access control policies, AVC, URL filtering, malware protection, and intrusion policies
2.6 Implement management options for network security solutions (single vs. multidevice manager, in-band vs. out-of-band, cloud vs. on-premises)
2.7 Configure AAA for device and network access such as TACACS+ and RADIUS
2.8 Configure secure network management of perimeter security and infrastructure devices

3.0 Securing the Cloud (15%)
3.1 Identify security solutions for cloud environments
3.2 Compare security responsibility for the different cloud service models
3.3 Describe the concept of DevSecOps (CI/CD pipeline, container orchestration, and secure software development)
3.4 Implement application and data security in cloud environments
3.5 Identify security capabilities, deployment models, and policy management to secure the cloud
3.6 Configure cloud logging and monitoring methodologies
3.7 Describe application and workload security concepts

4.0 Content Security (15%)
4.1 Implement traffic redirection and capture methods for web proxy
4.2 Describe web proxy identity and authentication including transparent user identification
4.3 Compare the components, capabilities, and benefits of on-premises, hybrid, and cloudbased email and web solutions
4.4 Configure and verify web and email security deployment methods to protect onpremises, hybrid, and remote users
4.5 Configure and verify email security features such as SPAM filtering, antimalware filtering, DLP, blocklisting, and email encryption
4.6 Configure and verify Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway and web security features such as blocklisting, URL filtering, malware scanning, URL categorization, web application filtering, and TLS decryption

5.0 Endpoint Protection and Detection (10%)
5.1 Compare Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solutions
5.2 Configure endpoint antimalware protection using Cisco Secure Endpoint
5.3 Configure and verify outbreak control and quarantines to limit infection
5.4 Describe justifications for endpoint-based security
5.5 Describe the value of endpoint device management and asset inventory systems such as MDM
5.6 Describe the uses and importance of a multifactor authentication (MFA) strategy
5.7 Describe endpoint posture assessment solutions to ensure endpoint security
5.8 Explain the importance of an endpoint patching strategy

6.0 Secure Network Access, Visibility, and Enforcement (15%)
6.1 Describe identity management and secure network access concepts such as guest services, profiling, posture assessment and BYOD
6.2 Configure and verify network access control mechanisms such as 802.1X, MAB, WebAuth
6.3 Describe network access with CoA
6.4 Describe the benefits of device compliance and application control
6.5 Explain exfiltration techniques (DNS tunneling, HTTPS, email, FTP/SSH/SCP/SFTP, ICMP, Messenger, IRC, NTP)
6.6 Describe the benefits of network telemetry
6.7 Describe the components, capabilities, and benefits of these security products and solutions

4.CCNP 350-701 SCOR Exam Tips

Preparing for the 350-701 exam can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. A successful preparation begins with a detailed study plan tailored to cover all exam topics. Allocate ample time to each subject, giving special focus to areas like Security Concepts and Network Security, which constitute a considerable portion of the exam. Utilize a variety of exam materials like textbooks, online resources, and tutorials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subjects. Practice is crucial; therefore, take advantage of 350-701 dumps. They offer a valuable glimpse into the exam's format and typical questions, enabling you to familiarize yourself with the examination environment. Regularly revising and taking practice tests using these dumps will improve your speed, accuracy, and confidence. Balancing your study plan, leveraging the right exam materials, and utilizing 350-701 dumps effectively will significantly enhance your chances of success in the 350-701 exam.

5.Who Should Take 350-701 SCOR exam?

New and aspiring network administrators: For those who are embarking on a career in network administration, pursuing certification for the CCNP Security Core exam can significantly enhance your ability to maintain a secure network environment.
Experienced network administrators: If you have amassed several years of experience as a network administrator, you may find yourself at a juncture in your career where you seek to hone your skills and establish a more defined, long-term professional trajectory.

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