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Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies 350-601 DCCOR Exam Overview

Cisco Data Center Core Technologies DCCOR 350-601 is a 120-minute assessment linked to the esteemed CCNP and CCIE Data Center Certifications. This exam serves as a certification of a candidate's proficiency in implementing core data center technologies, encompassing network, compute, storage network, automation, and security.
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Exam Code:
DCCOR 350-601
Number of Questions:
90-110 questions
Exam Fee:
Exam Duration:
120 minutes
Passing Score:
750-850 / 1000

Cisco 350-601 Exam Topics:

1.Network (25%)
2. Compute (25%)
3. Storage Network (20%)
4. Automation (15%)
5. Security(15%)

Some knowledge you should know about Cisco 350-601 exam

1.CCNP 350-601 DCCOR Exam Topics

The Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies v1.1 (DCCOR 350-601) exam is a 120-minute assessment that validates the skills required to implement core data center technologies. This exam is part of the curriculum for CCNP and CCIE Data Center certifications.  The exam covers implementing data center network infrastructure, computing resources, storage networking, automation, and security solutions. Passing this exam demonstrates proficiency in deploying and managing foundational data center components.

1.0 Network
1.1 Apply routing protocols
1.2 Apply switching protocols such as RSTP+, LACP and vPC
1.3 Apply overlay protocols such as VXLAN EVPN
1.4 Apply ACI concepts
1.5 Analyze packet flow (unicast, multicast, and broadcast)
1.6 Describe Cloud service and deployment models (NIST 800-145)
1.7 Describe software updates and their impacts
1.8 Implement network configuration management
1.9 Implement infrastructure monitoring such as NetFlow and SPAN
1.10 Explain network assurance concepts such as streaming telemetry

2.0 Compute
2.1 Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Rack Servers
2.2 Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Blade Chassis
2.3 Explain HyperFlex Infrastructure Concepts and benefits
2.4 Describe firmware and software updates and their impacts on B-Series and C-Series servers
2.5 Implement compute configuration management 
2.6 Implement infrastructure monitoring such as SPAN and Cisco Intersight

3.0 Storage Network
3.1 Implement Fibre Channel
3.2 Implement FCoE Unified Fabric
3.3 Describe NFS and NAS concepts
3.4 Describe software updates and their impacts
3.5 Implement infrastructure monitoring

4.0 Automation
4.1 Implement automation and scripting tools
4.2 Evaluate automation and orchestration technologies

5.0 Security
5.1 Apply network security
5.2 Apply compute security
5.3 Apply storage security

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3.What are the benefits of passing the 350-601 DCCOR exam?

Passing the 350-601 DCCOR exam validates mastery of implementing critical data center technologies including compute, LAN, SAN infrastructure, automation, and security. Candidates gain hands-on experience deploying, securing, operating, and maintaining Cisco data center infrastructure using enterprise-grade equipment and software. 
The exam covers Cisco's unique curriculum combining theory and practical labs on the latest data center solutions. This equips candidates with expertise to qualify for professional and expert-level roles in enterprise data center environments. The certification demonstrates competency in architecting, implementing, and managing complex data center infrastructure. It keeps skills updated with Cisco's cutting-edge data center technologies and best practices. Overall, passing DCCOR 350-601 opens up networking and career advancement opportunities in the high-demand field of enterprise-class data centers. The certification is a milestone for CCNP and CCIE Data Center career paths.

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