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Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) Exam Overview

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) certification verifies that a person can operate Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls to protect networks from cutting-edge cyber-threats. PCNSA is a foundational certification that security administrators operate and manage Palo Alto Networks Web Security Suite, which verifies your ability to identify and configure firewalls and operate them effectively to control traffic based on who (User-ID), what (App-ID) and when (Policy), while ensuring security (Content-ID ).

Exam required experience: Palo Alto Networks recommends advanced knowledge of networking and cybersecurity and considerable experience deploying Palo Alto firewalls prior to attempting this certification exam.

Palo Alto Networks PCNSA
Exam Number:
Exam Fee:
Exam Duration:
80 minutes
Number of Questions
Passing score:
Validity Period:
2 years

Some knowledge you should know about PCNSA dumps

1.Palo Alto Networks PCNSA Major Topics of the exam

PCNSA Exam Topics and Objectives The PCNSA exam covers a variety of topics related to securing networks using Palo Alto Networks’ products and services. Below are some of the key topics covered:
  • 1. Next-Generation Security Platform and Architecture
  • 2. Firewall Configuration
  • 3. Security and NAT Policies
  • 4. App-ID
  • 5. Content-ID
  • 6. User-ID
  • 7. URL Filtering
  • 8. Monitoring and Reporting
  • PCNSA candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to use these technologies in order to design secure solutions that meet customer requirements. In addition, they should have an understanding of the fundamentals of networking and security such as IP addressing, routing protocols, access control lists (ACLs), encryption methods, network access control lists (NACLs), firewalls rulesets, intrusion detection systems (IDS), threat prevention solutions. Candidates also need to have a working knowledge of Linux/UNIX commands used in firewall deployment.

    2.What is a PCNSA Exam Dumps?

    PCNSA Exam Dumps is an exam preparation prepared by SPOTO expert team for Palo Alto Networks candidates. PCNSA dump questions are extracted from real exams, so our dumps cover 100% of the exam questions. All exam questions and answers are vetted by a team of experts, we ensure 100% accuracy, you just need to memorize the answers. All Palo Alto Networks candidates can use the PCNSA exam dump to pass the 2024 exam.

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    3.Advantages of using PCNSA dumps to prepare exam

    • 1. Contains Exam Questions - The PCNSA dumps contains 100+ exam questions and answers covering what may appear on the actual exam. This can give you an idea of the types of questions you might have on the actual exam.
    • 2. Up-to-date and correct exam questions - Unlike palo alto pcnsa dumps free, SPOTO pcnsa dumps are compiled with the latest version of exam questions, and all exam questions are accurate. Exam questions contained in online pcnsa exam dumps free pdf are often out of date and this will not help you prepare for the exam.
    • 3. Familiarize yourself with the format - pcnsa dumps mimic the actual exam format and structure, so going through them will familiarize you with the difficulty and format of the real exam. This helps reduce surprises on test day.
    • 4. Practice Test Strategy - Take the palo alto pcnsa practice test to perfect your pace and exam strategy. This can help you prepare for the actual exam timing and scheduling.
    • 5. Provide explanations for answers - many dumps provide detailed pcnsa exam questions and answers. This allows you to better understand concepts and learn from your mistakes.
    • 6. Identify knowledge gaps - When using pcnsa to dump study material, you may discover topics or concepts that you are not familiar with. This allows you to identify areas of focus for your study time.

    4.What is the pcnsa exam passing score?

    The PCNSA exam includes 50 questions and a candidate has 80 minutes to complete them. The passing score in 2024 varies between 70 and 80 points, meaning you must answer at least 35 exam questions correctly.

    5.SPOTO's Advantages

    We Offer 100% Real and Valid Study Materials to Ensure You Are Well Prepared and Pass the PCNSA Exam in the 1st Try!
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    Taking a practice test is an essential part of preparing for the PCNSA exam. A wide range of practice tests are available online from various sources including official practice tests from Palo Alto Networks themselves. These tests provide a comprehensive overview of the types of questions asked on the real test as well as helpful hints on how to approach them. Additionally, many third-party providers offer practice tests that simulate actual testing conditions so that you can get accustomed to taking the exam under pressure.     

    6.Difference Between Palo Alto Networks PCNSA vs PCNSE Certification

    PCNSA validates important baseline skills, while PCNSE demonstrates deeper technical expertise in Palo Alto Networks firewalls. Many network security professionals earn both certifications to fully demonstrate their Palo Alto Networks knowledge.
    1. Different certification levels: PCNSA is an assistant-level certification, while PCNSE is a professional-level certification;
    2. Different exam focus: PCNSA focuses on basic administration skills for PAN-OS and Panorama: covers basic firewall policies, SSL/SSH decryption, GlobalProtect VPN, user identification, and managing wildcards and exceptions
    PCNSE covers complex troubleshooting, deployment, and optimization: Topics include managing high availability, network addressing, routing, NAT, VPN, QoS, logging, and troubleshooting
    3. Prerequisites are different: You need PCNSA before attempting PCNSE, PCNSA requires nothing.

    7.PCNSA Exam Cost and Salary

    The cost structure for the PCNSA exam varies depending on where it is taken but typically ranges between $130-$140 USD per attempt plus applicable taxes or fees depending on location. Most locations also require pre-registration prior to taking the exam so check with your local test center for more information about their specific fee structure before attempting this certification test.        

    It is important to keep in mind that studying for this exam takes time and dedication so make sure you give yourself ample time in advance before registering for it or going through any prep courses or resources so that you can be adequately prepared when it comes time for you take it!        

    Earning your Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator certification opens up many opportunities in terms of job prospects available worldwide. According to ZipRecruiter,the average salary nationally for those who earn this certification ranges between $80k -$100k USD annually depending upon experience level,location,and any additional certifications earned along with it.  

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