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Conduct a risk assessment associated with an accelerated schedule, update the risk register, and request steering committee approval D. Revise the program schedule to adapt to an accelerated delivery of benefits and present it to the steering committee for approval Answer: C 2.Near the end of an ongoing project, the program manager is terminated due to underperformance, and a new program manager joins the team. The program's last component project will go hive in one week. What must the new program manager do before program closure? A.Review the benefits management plan to ensure that the first component project launched met stakeholder expectations B.Ask the program steering committee to allow program closure to start immediately following the launch of the last component project C.Begin to collect lessons learned from all stakeholders. and prepare mitigation strategies in advance of the last component project's launch D. Work with the program sponsor to identify who is responsible for benefits sustainment, and identify measures from the benefits management plan to measure success Answer: D 3.Based on its board's mandate, an organization drafts a new business strategy to meet future challenges, but the business on track and meets growth expectations. Key to this is upgrading the IT infrastructure and strategic direction to transition the computing platform from onsite to cloud-based, thereby optimizing costs and providing scalability, performance, and high availability. How should the program manager use the program mission statement to engage program stakeholders? A. Publish the program mission statement and interact with operational managers and stakeholders to ensure that programs receive appropriate operational support B. Review, capture, and document the organization's current state, its new strategic direction, and how the program will support its mission C. Incorporate the names of key stakeholders and their respective influence, power, and authority into the program mission statement D. Update the program mission statement to address strategic business goals and the influence of stakeholders' interests, concerns, and expectations. Answer: D 4.A company implements a transformational business strategy and a program to change its IT infrastructure and service delivery model. While leading a program team from cross-cultural backgrounds and geographies, the program manager notices a varying level of delivery excellence, which they attribute to cultural differences and behavioral tendencies. To achieve commitment to program goals, what should the program manager do to improve the team's level of engagement? A. Delegate the task of managing team behavior attitudes and commitment to team member managers and ask the managers for regular progress reports B. Organize social events to support the communications enrichment plan, bond the teams, and motivate team members C. Establish formal mentoring. coaching and support program to address cultural differences that will enable the team to work collaboratively D. Email all team members mandating that, to deliver program objectives; they must focus on their roles and responsibilities Answer: C 5.A program with10 component is in the planning phase. Project managers who oversee the component projects request detailed schedules. These schedules will be merged into one document to create a master schedule. What should the program manager do to ensure that the overall program life cycle will meet stakeholder needs and deliver planned benefits? A. Establish a quality review for the project schedules to ensure that resource leveling and baselines are followed, and component projects are delivered on time B. Work with the project managers to decompose their schedules to minimize risk and better understand the dependencies and resource needs C. Decompose the component schedules to determine if work can be executed more quickly to deliver value earlier than planned D. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) to align program execution with stakeholder expectations and the benefits management plan Answer: D 6.An infrastructure program has 20 projects The first half of these projects incurred multiple change orders and failed to be completed on time. The program manager meets with the project managers to discuss lessons learned and to understand the challenges. During the meeting, the project managers complain that key risks and a lack of resources resulted in missing deadlines. What should the program manager do to ensure that the remaining 10 component projects stay on track? A. Rebaseline the remaining component projects B. Develop a change management strategy C. Update the program management plan D. Schedule weekly meetings with the project managers Answer: C 7.A company is rolling out an innovative program that includes new processes intended to define how the company will manage future programs. While program execution is going well, the program sponsor is concerned that the knowledge acquired needs to be reused for future programs. What should the program manager do to ensure that the knowledge acquired is captured efficiently? A. Record lessons learned in the program management plan B. Create training materials summarizing team experiences and lessons learned C. Direct the project managers to create event logs to document their experiences and lessons learned D. Organize review sessions after each program stage to document successes, issues, and lessons learned Answer: D 8.To meet growth expectations and its board's mandate, an organization drafts a new business strategy to meet future challenges and put the business on track Key to the new strategy is upgrading the IT infrastructure and strategic direction by transitioning from an on-premise to a cloud-based computing platform that will optimize costs and offer scalability, performance, and high availability. To appropriately plan for program success, what should the program manager do to engage stakeholders? A. Outline how stakeholders will be engaged using the stakeholder register and stakeholder map. B. Understand the organizational culture and politics, the overall program impact, and program-related stakeholder concerns. C. Identify and clearly outline stakeholders' key requirements and expected benefits to create a framework that addresses ongoing program activities and stakeholder needs. D. Capture stakeholder issues and concerns in the issue log to help the program team understand stakeholder feedback and manage them to closure. Answer: C 9.A utility company manages its capital improvement projects (CIP) using engineers, project managers, and program managers. A new sponsor from the utility company assesses the CIP and decides to reorganize rt into a program. They invite seven companies to discuss their approach to monitor and control the program and its constituent projects Where should the program manager incorporate this input? A. Program management plan B. Stakeholder register C. Vendor management matrix D. Program risk management plan Answer: A 10.The project manager of project A develops a communications management plan. The project manager of project B is new and is uncertain how to develop appropriate communications for the company's staff. What should the program manager do to ensure communications on the component projects are consistent? A. Request a more experienced project manager to work on the project B. Create a program communications management plan across all component projects. C. Direct all projects to use project A's communications management plan as a template. D. Rework the communications management plans for all projects to be consistent. Answer: B Conclusion If you want more valid PgMP exam dumps, please contact SPOTO to get more real PgMP exam questions! SPOTO PgMP exam questions and answers will help you pass the PgMP exam on the first try!