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AWS Certified Security - Specialty (SCS-C02) Exam Overview

The AWS Certified Security-Specialty (SCS-C02) Exam is AWS's latest version of their cloud security-focused certification exam. Released on July 11, 2024, the biggest change is the expansion from five domains to six domains, with the newest domain focusing on security governance and management. 

As a result, the current version of the AWS Certified Security - Specialty dumps offered by SPOTO is being updated to include this new exam content so that learners are fully prepared for the SCS-C02. Apart from the additional domain, the structure of the exam has remained largely the same, but the weights have been adjusted. This is good news because it means that if you're studying the SCS-C01 course, the content will still largely align with the updated SCS-C02 exam. That means you're still getting a strong foundation for passing the new exam version.

Exam Category:
Exam Duration:
170 minutes
Exam question type::
65 questions
Exam Fee:
$ 300 USD
Exam Languages:
English, French, Italian

Some knowledge you should know about AWS SCS-C02 certification exam

1.Changes to the new AWS Certified Security Professional SCS-C02 exam for 2024

The AWS Training and Certification team will release a new version of the AWS Certified Security Professional exam on July 11, 2024, with the exam code SCS-C02. The suspension for the SCS-C01 exam is July 10, 2024, and you need to schedule your exam as soon as possible. Registration for the new SCS-C02 AWS Certified Security Professional exam opens on June 13, 2024.

The latest AWS Certified Security Specialty SCS-C02 exam introduces a wealth of new knowledge areas, services, domains, and capabilities. Two existing exam domains have been renamed - the "Logging and Monitoring" domain is now called "Security Logging and Monitoring," and "Incident Response" is now "Threat Detection and Incident Response." The new exam domains will test expertise in areas like centralizing the deployment and management of AWS account policies, implementing consistent security deployment policies for cloud resources, and assessing compliance of AWS resources. Candidates will need to demonstrate proficiency across an expanded set of security services and use cases. The updates reflect the continuous innovation in AWS security offerings.

2.Why AWS SCS-C02 dumps will help candidates pass certification?

The AWS SCS-C02 Exam Dump is valuable learning material for candidates preparing for the AWS Certified Security - Specialty certification exam. Here are the key reasons why SCS-C02 dumps are helpful to candidates while preparing for the exam:

100% accurate exam questions and answers, SCS-C02 dumps questions contain the latest overview of content areas and topics, including updated exam areas. Candidates ensure that they cover the necessary areas during their studies.

High-quality SCS-C02 dumps are extracted from the latest version of the exam, which accurately reflects the test and difficulty that candidates will encounter in the real exam. Practicing real exam questions multiple times can help give candidates a better chance of passing the exam.

SPOTO provides an online exam simulation environment. This helps candidates get a hands-on experience with the format of the exam and the format of the exam questions.

SPOTO's Candidate Guide will provide key points to focus on during the exam. Strengthen candidates' weak links and improve candidates' understanding of confusing concepts.

3.What does the new AWS SCS-C02 exam domains include?

The new AWS Certified Security exam has adjusted the weighting distribution of exam domains. Due to the addition of 1 new exam area, the original exam domains have their respective exam weightings reduced. as shown below:

“Infrastructure Security” domain went down from 26% to only 20%
“Data Protection” domain decreased from 22% to 18%
“Security Logging and Monitoring ” domain was slightly cut down from 20% to 18%
“Identity and Access Management” domain was decreased from 20% to 16%
“Threat Detection and Incident Response” domain increased from 12% to 14%

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