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As part of your continuous deployment process, your application undergoes an I/O load performance test before it is deployed to production using new AMIs. The application uses one Amazon EBS PIOPS volume per instance and requires consistent I/O performance.
Which of the following must be carried out to ensure that I/O load performance tests yield the correct results in a repeatable manner?

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Your current log analysis application takes more than four hours to generate a report of the top 10 users of your web application.
You have been asked to implement a system that can report this information in real time, ensure that the report is always up to date, and handle increases in the number of requests to your web application.
Choose the option that is cost-effective and can fulfill the requirements.

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Your social media marketing application has a component written in Ruby running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. This application component posts messages to social media sites in support of various marketing campaigns.
Your management now requires you to record replies to these social media messages to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing campaign in comparison to past and future efforts. You’ve already developed a new application component to interface with the social media site APIs in order to read the replies.
Which process should you use to record the social media replies in a durable data store that can be accessed at any time for analytics of historical data?

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You work for a startup that has developed a new photo-sharing application for mobile devices. Over recent months your application has increased in popularity; this has resulted in a decrease in the performance of the application due to the increased load.
Your application has a two-tier architecture that is composed of an Auto Scaling PHP application tier and a MySQL RDS instance initially deployed with AWS CloudFormation. Your Auto Scaling group has a min value of 4 and a max value of 8. The desired capacity is now at 8 due to the high CPU utilization of the instances.
After some analysis, you are confident that the performance issues stem from a constraint in CPU capacity, while memory utilization remains low. You therefore decide to move from the general-purpose M3 instances to the compute-optimized C3 instances.
How would you deploy this change while minimizing any interruption to your end users?

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Your team is responsible for an AWS Elastic Beanstalk application. The business requires that you move to a continuous deployment model, releasing updates to the application multiple times per day with zero downtime.
What should you do to enable this and still be able to roll back almost immediately in an emergency to the previous version?

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is an entry level certification with questions that test knowledge of AWS services, architectures and use cases. Candidates must answer technical questions and have the skills required to select, deploy, integrate and maintain cloud solutions.EC2 Compute, Network Architecture, Security Deployment, Storage Solutions, Database Managed Services, Cloud Monitoring and Orchestration Applications

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Exam Code: AWS DOP-C01
Exam Name: AWS DOP-C01 Professional Certified DevOps Engineer Exam
Certification Provider: Amazon
Corresponding Certification: AWS Certified Solutions Architect

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1. What will be the salary for a AWS DOP-C01certified fresher?
According to questionnaire, an employee who holds an AWS DOP-C01 cert can earn between $60,048 and $168,860 annually, depending on his/her experience.

2. Is doing AWS DOP-C01 directly worth the risk?
Definitely! If you are passionate about the course and have your foundation very clear then you should take the risk of pursuing AWS DOP-C01.
There is no particular prerequisite need for appearing in certification requirement & training for the same. But if you have decided to take it, never take its study lightly, and join the SPOTOCLUB and pass the exam with ease with their reliable Study Dumps.

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You can easily prepare and get AWS DOP-C01 exam because SPOTOCLUB offers valid and actual material which is verified, authentic and related to exam. Our question and answers always looking top of the list because giving many types of benefits.
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4. What are the advantages of acquiring AWS AWS DOP-C01 certificate?
You will easily get a high paying job or you can expect a good hike in your existing job.
AWS DOP-C01 certified professionals are offered higher level designations.
AWS DOP-C01 certifications are the toughest IT examination in the world, thus acquiring it will enhance your confidence.
If you want to build your career in the security field, then SPOTOCLUB AWS DOP-C01 is a boon for you.

5. What are the benefits of the AWS DOP-C01?
It will help you get a job easily in networking field
You will understand the basic concepts of the networking and the working of the networking devices
You will be interested to do more advanced certifications in networking
It will add a tag/ value to your CV

6. With an AWS DOP-C01 certification, what job roles am I prepared for?
The certification prepares you for the following roles:
Network Administrators
Network Support Engineers
Network Engineer Associate
Network Specialist
Network Analyst

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