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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab Exam Information

When you enroll in our CCIE Lab certification training course, we'll give you access to our online learning platform which includes study guides, video tutorials, practice exams, and much more. The goal of this program is not just passing the exam but becoming an expert at networking technologies. Our trainers will be there every step of the way giving advice and providing feedback so that you can get a better understanding of each topic covered in class. 

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CCIE Enterprise Infrasture 1.0 Integrated Program is brand new Certification launched by Cisco effective from 24th Feb 2020. Program is designed for fresher students who want to build todays skills in Networking Industry and teaches relevant technologies like Enterprise Wireless,ISE,SD-WAN,SD-ACCESS and Cisco DNA Center etc.

Some knowledge you should know about CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam

1. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Course Outline:

Training Type:

        CCIE Instructor-led Online

    Admission Requirements:
        Learned CCNA-CCIE RS Theory

    Service Time:
        1 Year ( Buy 6 months, Get extra 6 months)

    Course Outline:
        · SD Access Elementary Course
        · SD-WAN Elementary Course
        · SD Access Advanced Course
        · SD-WAN Advanced Course
        · Automation and Programmability

1 SDA-L1
SD Access Elementary course
2 Introduce to SDN and Cisco SDN Solution
- What is SDN
- What is DNA
- What is DNAC
- Introduction of DNAC Web UI
- Install the DNAC and Initialization
- Install ISE and Initialization
- DNAC integrate with ISE
SD Access
-  What is SDA (SD Access
-  SDA Segmentation Technology
-  SDA Network Design and Policy Definition
- Three Roles of SDA (C | B | E)
SDA Deployment - Single Site (1)
- SDA Site Design
- Underlay Configuration
- Fusion Basic Configuration
- Route redistribution on Fusion
- Device Discovery
SDA Deployment - Single Site (2)
- Overlayer Configuration (Fabric)
- Policy Definition (VN&SGT)
- TransitIP-config-on-Border
- Host Onboarding
2 SDA-L2
SD Access Advanced Course
2 SDA Deployment - Single Site (2)
- Overlayer Configuration (Fabric)
- Policy Definition (VN&SGT)
- TransitIP-config-on-Border
- Host Onboarding
- Segmentation in SDA
- Cisco Trust Sec (CTS)
- What is the Multi-Site
- Transit-IP
Border - Deployment Advanced Topics
Automation and Assurance
- PnP Principle
- PnP Function Upgrade
- NetworkProfile and TemplateEditor
- ApplicationPolicy of IBN
- Assurance Function
3 SDW-L1
SD WAN Elementary Course
2 Introduce SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN Solution
- What is SD-WAN
- Explained Cisco SD-WAN Architecture
- vBond (Orchestration Plane
- vSmart
Control Plane
- vEdge
Data Plane
- vManage
Management Plane
- Dashboard Basic Operations
SD-WAN Deploy
- Certificate and Key Related Knowledge
- Tunnel Between Controllers
- SD-WAN Controller Deploy
- SD-WAN Deploy with Firewall
OMP (Overlay Management Protocolexplanation
- OMP Protocol overview
- OMP Routes
- OMP Path Select
SD-WAN Data and segmentation
- Introduce SD-WAN Date-Plane
- TLOC and COLOR of Date-Plane
- Introduce CPE
- Segmentation in SD-WAN
- SD-WAN Template Configuration
4 SDW-L2
Software Defined Network And
SD-WAN Advanced Course
2 SD-WAN Lab and ZTP
· Topological explanation
· Dashboard Overview
· Template For New Device Onboarding
- ZTP Features
- New device ZTP Onboarding Demo
SD-WAN Policy
· Policy Features
· Centralized Control Policy explain
- Localized Control Policy explain
Route And AAR
- Route Leak and Service chain insertion function explained
- AAR Framework
- AAR Policy
- AAR Configuration
Path Select Based - On Network Quality
ZBF And High availability
- Zone-Based-Firewall
- High availability of the Control plane
- High availability of the Date plane
Extension introduction
- Cloud-OnRamp Function
- vAnalytics Function
Infrastructure Automation and Programmability
2 Ready
- Course Introduction
- Python Characteristics
- Python Development history and version
- Python And Editor installation
Interface test basics
- Interface Test Course Outline
- Interface Test Overview
- HTTP Introduction
- HTTP Functions and features
- HTTP Request method
- HTTP Request header and request URL
- HTTP Request body
- HTTP Response
- JSON Introduction
- JSON data analysis
- Postman Introduction
- Postman —GET
- Postman
- Postman
- Postman Interface authorization Set up
- Postman Interface authorization Set up
- Postman Cookie Set up
- Postman environment variables
- Postman local variables
- Postman Global variables & data variables
- Postman Tests Results
- Batch execution & data driven
- Postman Build workflow
- Postman Command execution
Python Interface test
- Introduction to the Requests library
- Requests send HTTP requests
- Requests parameter passing
- Requests request header settings
- Requests cookies settings
- Requests timeout & file upload
- Requests session object
- Requests SSL authentication & proxy settings
- Requests authentication
- Requests streaming requests

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4.You will get a chance to learn following technologies under this program.

You will get a chance to learn following technologies under this program.
  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Cisco Wireless Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Identity management -Cisco ISE
  • Cisco SD-WAN
  • Cisco SD-ACCESS
  • Cisco DNA Center
  • SDN
  • Network Automation

5.CCIE Enterprise Insfrastructure LAB v1.1 study plan

CCIE EI LAB Exam include 2 models(Design and Deploy&Operate&Optimize).

This is the material contect that you need will face them when you take exam.

Design: Design 1,Design 1+,Design 2,Design 2+


This is CCIE EI LAB v1.1 study plan
if you can spend 2-4 hours on lab practice per day, you can take exam after 2.5 months.
we provide 3 months service time, thus you will have enough time to practice, so you can follow your timetable, it is flexible.

Second study plan

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CCIE Enterprise Practice Labs Reviews

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification covers a vast array of topics, from networking fundamentals to advanced technologies like SD-Access and SD-WAN. The SPOTO CCIE Enterprise Practice Labs encompass a broad spectrum of these topics, ensuring that you gain hands-on experience with each area. This comprehensive coverage is crucial for the exam, as it requires a wide-ranging understanding of enterprise networking technologies.
David Doherty
4.9 star
One of the strengths of these practice labs is their comprehensive explanations and feedback for each scenario. This feature is particularly useful for understanding not just how to perform certain tasks, but also why certain solutions are more effective than others. This deepens your understanding of the concepts and technologies covered in the CCIE curriculum, making it easier to apply this knowledge in the exam.
Kira Hill
4.9 star
SPOTO CCIE Enterprise Practice Labs offer a range of scenarios that closely mimic real-world network challenges. This is incredibly beneficial for preparing for the CCIE exam, as it tests not only your theoretical knowledge but also your practical problem-solving skills. The labs simulate complex network environments, which helps in developing a deeper understanding of how to configure, troubleshoot, and optimize enterprise network solutions, key skills needed for the CCIE exam.
Murrin McGregor
4.9 star

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I Have a Few Questions...

1.When can I start learning after payment?

We will start to Provide Videos from 1st May.
First, we provide SD-Access videos, then Will provide SD Wan and Python videos On the 30th May

2.Will we use live classes or only videos?

Now just Videos and PDF study materials for Class, because of most guys on a different time zone.

3.Do we have tutors answer questions when I have?

If you Paid is EI LAB and theory course, we will provide Tutor service until your lab service ends.

4.When You Will Get the Training Course?

About SDN Access Training: we provide the materials and service from May 2020
About SD-WAN Training: we provide the materials and service from 15 June 2020.
About Infrastructure Automation and Programmability Training: we offer the materials and service from 15 June 2020.