Details of the CCNP DevNet 350-901 DEVCOR  exam:

1. DEVCOR 350-901 Exam Objective:  the 350-901 DEVCOR exam evaluates a candidate's knowledge and skills required to develop and operate network applications, especially those running on Cisco platforms and APIs. Candidates must demonstrate conceptual understanding and hands-on abilities in areas such as application development and deployment, Cisco platforms and APIs, automation, containers, and microservices.

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2. CCNP 350-901 DEVCOR Exam Topics:
- Network and Application Architecture: Network infrastructure, application architectures, microservices architectures, etc. 
- Programming Language Knowledge: Python, JavaScript, etc. Basic syntax and features of languages used to interact with Cisco APIs and platforms. 
- Cisco Platforms and APIs: APIs for Cisco platforms like DNA Center, ACI, Meraki, SD-WAN, etc. How to access the APIs and integrate with applications.        
- Application Deployment and Security: Methods of deploying applications, application security concerns, etc. 
- Infrastructure and Network Automation: Approaches for automating the network infrastructure (SDN, APIs, etc.) and applications (CI/CD pipelines, etc.). 
- Containers and Microservices: Key concepts around containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, etc. How they relate to application development and deployment.  

3. CCNP 350-901 DEVCOR Exam Format: 
120 minutes, 50-60 questions, multiple-choice (single and multiple responses) and drag & drop.

4. CCNP 350-901 DEVCOR Exam Tips: 
- Understand network and application architectures, microservices architectures, etc. 
- Be proficient in languages like Python, JavaScript for interfacing with Cisco platforms and APIs.
- Know how to access and develop applications with Cisco APIs like DNA Center, ACI, Meraki, SD-WAN, etc. API integration skills. 
- Familiar with methods of deploying and securing applications.
- Knowledge of approaches for automating network infrastructure and applications (SDN, CI/CD pipelines, etc.).
- Understand key concepts around containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, etc. And how they relate to application development. 
- Hands-on experience developing applications that interact with Cisco platforms and APIs. 
- Passing score is 210 out of 300. Substantial preparation and hands-on experience are required.

CCNP DevNet certification validates the candidate's ability to develop and operate applications for Cisco network platforms and software solutions. The certification offers career opportunities as network application developers. 

Exam Fee: $400 

Exam Duration: 120 minutes 

Certifications_ Cisco Certified DevNet Professional, Cisco Certified DevNet Specilist 

Major Topics of 350-901

  1. Using APIs
  2. Cisco platforms
  3. Application deployment and security
  4. Infrastructure and Automation

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