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Cisco 200-901 DEVASC Exam Information

200-901 DEVASC is considered to be an exam that would be required for obtaining Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification. 200-901 exam questions would be testing your skill in software development as well as design, which would be including understanding and utilizing the APIs, application development and security, Cisco platforms and development, and infrastructure and automation. The Cisco DevNet Associate (200-901) exam would be representing a good basic knowledge system. As the gap between software development as well as network operations gradually disappears, its significance continues to increase. When the operations team would be having a basic understanding of the software development process, it would be getting a closer environment, and vice versa. 

DevNet Aossociate Exam v1.0 (DEVASC 200-901) is a 120-minute exam associated with the DevNet Associate -Developer Certification. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of software development and design including understanding and using APIs, Cisco platforms and development, application development and security, and infrastructure and automation.

DEVASC 200-901
Exam Code:
200-901 DEVASC
Exam Price:
$300 USD
Exam Duration:
120 minutes
Number of Questions:
Passing Score:
750-850 / 1000 Approx

Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.About the CCNA 200-901 Exam

Prerequisites for CCNA 200-901 exam 
If the candidates wish to clear the 200-901 exam, there would be no prerequisites to hinder their journey. However, it is recommended by Cisco to acquire at least one year of experience working in software development, along with Python programming to enhance their chances of achieving this certification. 

Exam Name: Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms
Exam Number: 200-901 DEVASC
Exam Price: $300 USD
Duration: 120 minutes
Number of Questions: 90-110
Passing Score: Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx)

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3.Why should I pass the CCNA 200-901 exam?

Let's have a look at the benefits which you could have your hands on after achieving the 200-901 Certification.

Obtaining valuable skills
Given the ubiquity of Cisco technology all through the market, appropriately trained professionals with DevNet partners are considered to be extremely valuable in various industries. After obtaining the DEVNET 200-901training, you wouldn’t only be able to find yourself more marketable as a network professional, but you would be also obtaining valuable routing and switching skills. The skills would be learned in the DEVASC exam and could also go beyond simple network automation! For instance, someone utilizes the basic knowledge learned from this exam for creating the Python script that would be verifying the information in the spreadsheet by interacting with a custom API. 

Lucrative career development
With the proper experience, DevOps professionals would be well-qualified for the positions such as network or DevOps engineer. For IT managers, taking this DevNet Associate exam might be beneficial for becoming DevOps professionals as well as enhancing team skills. This is considered to be a very much imperative exam for network engineers who wish to keep in touch with today's automated network architecture. It would be no doubt that the skills learned by answering the 200-901 exam questions are very beneficial for the medium as well as large networks. However, even for small networks, learning about the programmatic interaction with devices provides numerous opportunities for improving functionality as well as better understand the conditions in the environment. 

4.CCNA 200-901 DEVASC Exam Topics

1.0 Software Development and Design (15%)
1.1 Compare data formats (XML, JSON, and YAML)
1.2 Describe parsing of common data format (XML, JSON, and YAML) to Python data structures
1.3 Describe the concepts of test-driven development
1.4 Compare software development methods
1.5 Explain the benefits of organizing code into methods / functions, classes, and modules
1.6 Identify the advantages of common design patterns
1.7 Explain the advantages of version control
1.8 Utilize common version control operations with Git

2.0 Understanding and Using APIs (20%)
2.1 Construct a REST API request to accomplish a task given API documentation
2.2 Describe common usage patterns related to webhooks
2.3 Identify the constraints when consuming APIs
2.4 Explain common HTTP response codes associated with REST APIs
2.5 Troubleshoot a problem given the HTTP response code, request and API documentation
2.6 Identify the parts of an HTTP response
2.7 Utilize common API authentication mechanisms: basic, custom token, and API keys
2.8 Compare common API styles
2.9 Construct a Python script that calls a REST API using the requests library

3.0 Cisco Platforms and Development (15%)
3.1 Construct a Python script that uses a Cisco SDK given SDK documentation
3.2 Describe the capabilities of Cisco network management platforms and APIs 
3.3 Describe the capabilities of Cisco compute management platforms and APIs
3.4 Describe the capabilities of Cisco collaboration platforms and APIs 
3.5 Describe the capabilities of Cisco security platforms and APIs 
3.6 Describe the device level APIs and dynamic interfaces for IOS XE and NX-OS
3.7 Identify the appropriate DevNet resource for a given scenario 
3.8 Apply concepts of model driven programmability in a Cisco environment

4.0 Application Deployment and Security (15%)
4.1 Describe benefits of edge computing
4.2 Identify attributes of different application deployment models 
4.3 Identify the attributes of these application deployment types
4.4 Describe components for a CI/CD pipeline in application deployments
4.5 Construct a Python unit test
4.6 Interpret contents of a Dockerfile
4.7 Utilize Docker images in local developer environment
4.8 Identify application security issues related to secret protection, encryption (storage and transport), and data handling
4.9 Explain how firewall, DNS, load balancers, and reverse proxy in application deployment
4.10 Describe top OWASP threats 
4.11 Utilize Bash commands
4.12 Identify the principles of DevOps practices

5.0 Infrastructure and Automation  (20%)
5.1 Describe the value of model driven programmability for infrastructure automation
5.2 Compare controller-level to device-level management
5.3 Describe the use and roles of network simulation and test tools 
5.4 Describe the components and benefits of CI/CD pipeline in infrastructure automation
5.5 Describe principles of infrastructure as code
5.6 Describe the capabilities of automation tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Cisco NSO
5.7 Identify the workflow being automated by a Python script that uses Cisco APIs including ACI, Meraki, Cisco DNA Center, or RESTCONF

6.0 Network Fundamentals (15%)
6.1 Describe the purpose and usage of MAC addresses and VLANs
6.2 Describe the purpose and usage of IP addresses, routes, subnet mask / prefix, and gateways
6.3 Describe the function of common networking components
6.4 Interpret a basic network topology diagram with elements such as switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, and port values
6.5 Describe the function of management, data, and control planes in a network device
6.6 Describe the functionality of these IP Services: DHCP, DNS, NAT, SNMP, NTP
6.7 Recognize common protocol port values
6.8 Identify cause of application connectivity issues
6.9 Explain the impacts of network constraints on applications

5.How to Pass CCNA 200-901 Exam?

Preparing for 200-901 exam isn't considered to be so simple while it would be taking much work, time, practice, as well as the right focus. At the IT training market, you might find numerous institutes which would be providing all kinds of study materials and courses. It is considered to be quite imperative for choosing a reliable as well as a trustworthy company such as the SPOTO. 

6.How many questions are in CCNA 200-901 exam?

Cisco CCNA 200-901: DevNet Associate Exam contains 100+ questions, the exam comprises various question types: Multiple Choice Single Answer, Multiple Choice Multiple Answer, and Drag and Drop Fill in Blank and Test Questions.
CCNA 200-901 exam needs to be completed within 120 minutes. The passing score is usually between 800 and 850 out of 1000.

7.Is CCNA DevNet Associate difficult?

The CCNA DevNet Associate exam is particularly challenging for candidates without practical experience. Before attempting the CCNA 200-901 exam certification, SPOTO recommends that candidates have at least one year of experience developing and maintaining Cisco platform applications. 
CCNA DEVASC 200-901 dumps are designed to prepare you for the exam, exam dumps contain questions that can make up for a lack of professional knowledge and experience. If you decide to take the SPOTO exam question service, you can pass the CCNA exam on the first try.

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