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Real Official AWS SAP-C01 Exam

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A bank is designing an online customer service portal where customers can chat with customer service

agents. The portal is required to maintain a 15-minute RPO and RTO in case of a regional disaster.

Banking regulations require that all customer service chat transcripts must be preserved on durable storage

for at least 7 years, chat conversations must be encrypted in-flight, and transcripts must be encrypted at

rest. The Data Loss Prevention team requires that data at rest must be encrypted using a key that the team

controls, rotates, and revokes.

Which design meets these requirements?

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A company has more than 100 AWS accounts with one VPC per account that need current design contains one NAT gateway per Availability Zone (AZ) in each VPC. To reduce costs and obtain information about outbound traffic, management has asked for a new architecture for internet access. Which solution will meet the current needs, and continue to grow as new accounts are provisioned, while reducing costs?

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A company needs to run a software package that has a license that must be run on the same physical host

for the duration of its use. The software package is only going to be used for 90 days. The company

requires patching and restarting of all instances every 30 days

How can these requirements be met using AWS?

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company currently runs a secure application on Amazon EC2 that takes files from on premises locations through AWS Direct Connect, processes them, and uploads them to a single Amazon S3 bucket. The application uses HTTPS for encryption in transit to Amazon S3, and S3 server-side encryption to encrypt at rest. Which of the following changes should the Solutions Architect recommend to make this solution more secure without impeding the application's performance?

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As a part of building large applications in the AWS Cloud, the Solutions Architect is required to implement perimeter security Flag for Review protection Applications running on AWS have the following endpoints · Application Load Balancer

  • Amazon API Gateway regional endpoint
  • Elastic IP address-based EC2 instances
  • Amazon S3 hosted websites
  • Classic Load Balancer

The Solutions Architect must design a solution to protect all the listed web front ends and provide the following security capabilities

  • DDoS protection SQL injection protection
  • IP address whitelist/blacklist HTTP flood protection
  • Bad bot scraper protection

How should the Solutions Architect design the solution?

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is an entry level certification with questions that test knowledge of AWS services, architectures and use cases. Candidates must answer technical questions and have the skills required to select, deploy, integrate and maintain cloud solutions.EC2 Compute, Network Architecture, Security Deployment, Storage Solutions, Database Managed Services, Cloud Monitoring and Orchestration Applications

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Exam Code:  SAP-C01
Exam Name: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Certification Provider: Amazon
Corresponding Certification: AWS Certified Solutions Architect

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1. What will be the salary for a AWS SAP C01 certified fresher?
According to questionnaire, an employee who holds an AWS SAP-C01  cert can earn between $60,048 and $168,860 annually, depending on his/her experience.

2. Is doing AWS SAP C01 directly worth the risk?
Definitely! If you are passionate about the course and have your foundation very clear then you should take the risk of pursuing AWS SAP C01.
There is no particular prerequisite need for appearing in certification requirement & training for the same. But if you have decided to take it, never take its study lightly, and join the SPOTOCLUB and pass the exam with ease with their reliable Study Dumps.

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You can easily prepare and get AWS SAP C01 exam because SPOTOCLUB offers valid and actual material which is verified, authentic and related to exam. Our question and answers always looking top of the list because giving many types of benefits.
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4. What are the advantages of acquiring AWS SAP C01 certificate?
You will easily get a high paying job or you can expect a good hike in your existing job.
AWS SAP C01 certified professionals are offered higher level designations.
AWS SAP C01 certifications are the toughest IT examination in the world, thus acquiring it will enhance your confidence.
If you want to build your career in the security field, then SPOTOCLUB AWS SAP C01 is a boon for you.

5. What are the benefits of the AWS SAP C01?
It will help you get a job easily in networking field
You will understand the basic concepts of the networking and the working of the networking devices
You will be interested to do more advanced certifications in networking
It will add a tag/ value to your CV

6. With an AWS SAP C01 certification, what job roles am I prepared for?
The certification prepares you for the following roles:
Network Administrators
Network Support Engineers
Network Engineer Associate
Network Specialist
Network Analyst

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