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F5 201 TMOS Administration Exam Information

The F5 201 - TMOS Administration exam covers skills required for day-to-day management and monitoring of BIG-IP systems and Application Delivery Networks. This is the second exam needed to attain F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator status. By passing the 201, candidates demonstrate the ability to configure BIG-IP TMOS and administer apps, services, and traffic with BIG-IP platforms. The exam validates core competencies like monitoring system status, licensing, troubleshooting, and navigating the BIG-IP interface. It assesses the skills crucial for provisioning, maintaining, and optimizing application and network services on a production BIG-IP system.

F5 201
Exam type:
Multiple-choice questions
Number of questions:
Exam duration:
90 minutes
Passing score:
Typically around 69-70%
Exam Language:

Some knowledge you should know about F5 201 dumps

1.The format of the F5 201 exam is as follows:

Exam type: Multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
Number of questions: 80
Exam duration: 90 minutes
Passing score: Typically around 69-70%, but the exact passing score may vary depending on the difficulty of the specific set of questions you receive during the exam.
Language: English

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To prepare for the exam, it's recommended to study the exam blueprint, attend official F5 training courses, gain hands-on experience with F5 products, and make use of available resources such as study guides, online documentation, and forums.
Please note that the exam format and content may change over time, so it's essential to consult the F5 Networks certification website for the latest information and updates before taking the exam.

4.What is the 201-TMOS Management Examination Blueprint?

The blueprint provides detailed Breakdown of skills and knowledge candidates should possess take an exam. 

Section 1: Troubleshoot basic virtual server connectivity issues
Objective 1.01 Given a connectivity troubleshooting situation, consider the packet and virtual server processing order
Objective 1.02 Identify the reason a virtual server is not working as expected
Objective 1.03 Identify the reason a pool member has been marked down by health monitors
Objective 1.04 Identify a pool member not in the active priority group
Objective 1.05 Identify traffic diverted due to persistence record
Objective 1.06 Identify the current configured state of the pool member 
Objective 1.07 Identify a persistence issue

Section 2: Troubleshoot basic hardware issues
Objective 2.01 Perform an End User Diagnostic per F5 documentation and collect the output
Objective 2.02 Interpret the LCD Warning Messages
Objective 2.03 Identify a possible hardware issue within the log files 
Objective 2.04 Force an active unit to standby under the appropriate circumstances
Objective 2.05 Understand the relationship between interfaces, trunks, VLANs and their

Section 3: Troubleshoot basic performance issues
Objective 3.01 Recognize when a packet capture is needed within the context of a performance issue
Objective 3.02 Use BIG-IP tools in order to identify potential performance issues

Section 4: Troubleshoot basic device management connectivity issues
Objective 4.01 Verify remote connectivity to the BIG-IP in order to determine the cause of a management connectivity issue
Objective 4.02 Check and interpret port lockdown settings and packet filters in order to determine the cause of a management connectivity issue to a Self-IP
Objective 4.03 Given the use of a remote authentication server, verify proper DNS and NTP settings in order to diagnose a connectivity issue

Section 5: Open a support ticket with F5
Objective 5.01 Identify the appropriate supporting components and severity levels for an F5 support ticket
Objective 5.02 Given an issue, determine the appropriate severity according to F5 guidelines
Objective 5.03 Provide quantitative and relevant information appropriate for a given issue

Section 6: Identify and report current device status
Objective 6.01 Review the Network Map in order to determine the status of objects 
Objective 6.02 Use the dashboard to gauge the current running status of the system
Objective 6.03 Review log files and identify possible events 
Objective 6.04 Use iApps Analytics to gauge the current running status of application

Section 7: Maintain system configuration
Objective 7.01 Create and restore a UCS archive under the appropriate circumstances
Objective 7.02 Identify which high-level tasks can be automated using BIG-IQ
Objective 7.03 Manage software images
Objective 7.04 Given an HA pair, describe the appropriate strategy for deploying a new
software image
Objective 7.05 Understand the processes of licensing, license reactivation, and license modification (add-ons)
Objective 7.06 Identify which modules are licensed and/or provisioned 
Objective 7.07 Explain how to create a user
Objective 7.08 Explain how to modify user properties

Section 8: Manage existing system and application services
Objective 8.01 Modify and manage virtual servers 
Objective 8.02 Modify and manage pools

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