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F5 303 - BIG-IP ASM Specialist Exam Description

The F5 303 - BIG-IP ASM Specialist exam validates the skills and knowledge required to design, implement, and manage advanced BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) deployments. The exam is intended for experienced professionals with at least one year of hands-on experience securing applications with BIG-IP ASM. Candidates should be senior network, system, or application security engineers capable of delivering highly available, scalable, and secure applications using ASM technology.
By passing this exam, candidates demonstrate expertise in ASM architecture and prove they can effectively integrate ASM into overall infrastructure. The exam covers advanced deployment scenarios and the underlying principles of ASM. It assesses the ability to leverage insight into ASM capabilities when integrating with other platforms and products. This exam is based on the latest TMOS v12.1 to ensure coverage of current ASM features. The F5 303 certification is ideal for security-focused infrastructure experts seeking to validate their BIG-IP ASM administration skills at an advanced level.

F5 303
Exam type:
Multiple-choice questions
Number of questions:
Exam duration:
90 minutes
Passing score:
Typically around 69-70%
Exam Language:

Some knowledge you should know about F5 303 dumps

1.F5 303 - BIG-IP ASM Specialist Exam blueprint

Section 1: Architecture/Design and Policy Creation
Objective 1.01 Explain the potential effects of common attacks on web applications
Objective 1.02 Explain how specific security policies mitigate various web application attacks
Objective 1.03 Determine the appropriate policy features and granularity for a given set of requirements
Objective 1.04 Determine which deployment method is most appropriate for a given set of requirements
Objective 1.05 Explain the automatic policy builder lifecycle 
Objective 1.06 Review and evaluate policy settings based on information gathered from ASM
Objective 1.07 Define appropriate policy structure for policy elements 
Objective 1.08 Explain options and potential results within the 
Objective 1.09 Explain available logging options 
Objective 1.10 Describe the management of the attack signature lifecycle and select the appropriate attack signatures or signature sets

Section 2: Policy Maintenance and Optimization
Objective 2.01 Evaluate the implications of changes in the policy to the security and functionality of the application
Objective 2.02 Explain the process to integrate natively supported third party vulnerability scan output and generic formats with ASM
Objective 2.03 Evaluate whether rules are being implemented effectively and appropriately to mitigate violations
Objective 2.04 Determine how a policy should be adjusted based upon available data
Objective 2.05 Define the ASM policy management functions

Section 3: Review Event Logs and Mitigate Attacks
Objective 3.01 Interpret log entries and identify opportunities to refine the policy
Objective 3.02 Given an ASM report, identify trends in support of security objectives.
Objective 3.03 Determine the appropriate mitigation for a given attack or vulnerability 
Objective 3.04 Decide the appropriate method for determining the success of attack mitigation

Section 4: Troubleshoot
Objective 4.01 Evaluate ASM policy performance issues and determine appropriate mitigation strategies
Objective 4.02 Understand the impact of learning, alarm, and blocking settings on traffic enforcement
Objective 4.03 Examine policy objects to determine why traffic is or is not generating violations
Objective 4.04 Identify and interpret ASM performance metrics
Objective 4.05 Evaluate ASM system performance issues and determine appropriate mitigation strategies
Objective 4.06 Recognize ASM specific user roles and their permissions

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