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F5 302 - BIG-IP DNS Specialist Exam (Global Traffic Manager Exam) Information

The F5 302 – BIG-IP DNS Specialist (Global Traffic Manager Exam) exam identifies individuals who can deliver scalable intelligent DNS/Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) infrastructure across multiple data centers.Candidates should have at least one year of experience administering BIG-IP DNS.
The exam covers core competencies like configuring and testing DNS and GSLB deployments, troubleshooting common issues, and optimizing performance. It validates an administrator's skills in leveraging BIG-IP DNS to deliver resilient, high-availability DNS and traffic management.

F5 302 exams are computer-based with multiple-choice questions. Some questions contain exhibits or scenarios you must view to answer the question. There are 80 total questions, with 70 scored and 10 unscored pilot questions. This exam is 90 minutes long (not including any non-native English or other accommodations). You must achieve a scaled score of 245 out of 350 to pass F5 exams.  All F5 exams are $180 USD per attempt, not including local taxes and fees. 
Exam Prerequisites:
F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA)
Certification Awarded:
F5 Certified Technology Specialist, BIG-IP DNS (Global Traffic Manager Exam)

F5 302
Exam type:
Multiple-choice questions
Number of questions:
70 items that are scored, 10 pilot/beta items
Exam duration:
90 minutes
Passing score:
passing score of 245
Exam Cost:
$180 USD

Some knowledge you should know about F5 302 dumps

1.F5 302 BIG-IP DNS Expert exam exam blueprint

1.01 Identify customer requirements, constraints, and challenges related to DNS
1.02 Evaluate existing DNS environment for BIG-IP DNS solutions
1.03 Determine appropriate deployment and integration strategy for a BIG-IP DNS solution
1.04 Determine performance requirements for a BIG-IP DNS solution

Section 2: IMPLEMENT
2.01 Identify configuration options for TMOS and sync groups
2.02 Identify configuration options for GSLB
2.03 Identify configuration options for non-GSLB DNS components
2.04 Identify the necessary network environment for GSLB operations

3.01 Determine when and how to employ the appropriate network and DNStroubleshooting tools
3.02 Diagnose BIG-IP DNS issues
3.03 Analyze system log data and statistics for problem analysis
3.04 Address DNS-related issues based on troubleshooting and log analysis

4.01 Identify process to perform BIG-IP DNS configuration backup
4.02 Identify the prerequisites and procedure for BIG-IP DNS configuration restoration
4.03 Identify various BIG-IP DNS monitoring strategies
4.04 Recognize appropriate procedures for performing BIG-IP DNS software upgrades

2.What are the F5 302 exam dumps?

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To prepare for the exam, it's recommended to study the exam blueprint, attend official F5 training courses, gain hands-on experience with F5 products, and make use of available resources such as study guides, online documentation, and forums.
Please note that the exam format and content may change over time, so it's essential to consult the F5 Networks certification website for the latest information and updates before taking the exam.

4.What is the 302 – BIG-IP DNS Specialist Exam Blueprint?

F5 exam blueprints outline all the learning objectives assessed in each certification exam, similar to a syllabus. The blueprints offer a granular breakdown of the skills and knowledge required to pass, with section levels, detailed objectives, and illustrative examples. Candidates can leverage the blueprints to pinpoint areas needing additional study and preparation. 
The exams are designed to validate broad knowledge, skills, and abilities in applying F5 technologies, rather than version-specific features. They aim to evaluate competency with F5 solutions based on the exam's focus area. The blueprints should be referenced for the exam publication date and objectives for a given exam.
Ultimately, the blueprints serve as a roadmap for candidates to gauge readiness and guide productive studying. By providing transparency into exam content coverage, they help certification holders demonstrate in-depth mastery of using F5 technologies to solve real-world challenges.


1st failure: Exam hold for 15 days (You cannot take the exam again for 15 days.)
2nd failure: Exam hold for 30 days
3rd failure: Exam hold for 45 days
4th failure: Exam hold for 365 days
5th and subsequent failed attempts: 90 days

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