Have the Exam Topics Changed As Well for CCIE?

2024-01-16 11:07:44 SPOTO Club CCIE Lab,CCIE 743
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Program Introducing the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification program Software, networking, as well as infrastructure, would be growing more and more interconnected daily. Applications would be delivering the exhilarating new experiences, as well as with intent-based networking, and organizations could use automation for scaling and securing their networking infrastructure. With CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification, your opportunities for helping to maximize that potential are considered to be boundless. Just ask hiring managers: 71% of them say that certifications would be increasing their confidence in an applicant's abilities. Have the exam topics changed as well for CCIE? Yes, Exam Topics have been changed in the new BluePrint of CCIE. There would be a new updated Syllabus for both Written (Core) and Lab Exams in each of the six CCIE Tracks. There would be a focus on Automation & Programmability. Let's discuss them in detail. Also, check out the training courses for the CCIE in SPOTO Club. ENCOR Exam: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies This exam is considered to be a 120-minute exam that would be associated with the CCNP Enterprise, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCIE Enterprise Wireless, as well as Cisco Certified Specialist Enterprise Core certifications. This examination tests a candidate's knowledge of implementing core enterprise network technologies, including dual-stack like IPv4 and IPv6 virtualization, architecture, network assurance, infrastructure, security, and automation. The course, Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies, would help prepare the candidates for this exam. The following topics are considered standard guidelines for the content likely to be included in the exam. However, other interrelated issues may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. The instructions below might change at any time without notice to better reflect the contents of the review and clarity. CCIE ENCOR Exam Topics CCIE Lab Exam Topics CCIE Lab Exam This CCIE Lab Exam consists of 2 modules: Module 1: Design Module 2: Deploy, Operate, and Optimize Although Module 1 and Module 2 are independent of one another, there is a progressive story-line that builds along with the examination. Candidates cannot go back or move further during or in between modules. Module 1: Design The design module would be determining the candidate's ability to create, analyzing, validating, and optimizing network design. The design module is considered to be based on a scenario with no access to devices. Only a set of documents would be provided before the exam for understanding the situation before answering questions. Module 2: Deploy, Operate, and Optimize
  • Deploy: Candidates would be asked to construct the network according to design specifics, customer requirements, as well as limitations. This step would be covering the configuration, integration, as well as troubleshooting of technologies as per instructions provided.
  • Operate and Optimize: Operation and Optimization of network technologies would include monitoring network health and performance, configuring the network for improving service quality, reducing disruptions, mitigating outages, reducing operating costs, and maintaining high reliability, availability and security. It would also be including diagnosing potential issues as well as adjusting configurations to align with business goals.
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