CCIE Certification Cost: How Much Does It Cost to Become a CCIE?

2024-01-18 08:51:33 SPOTO Club Cisco,CCIE 1553

So, in here we would be discussing the Cost to be certified with the CCIE credentials.

CCIE Exam Costs

Exam Costs are fixed, whereas all of the rest of the costs are technically optional as well as certainly subjective. But you would be required to shell out at least about $1,715 in testing costs. The written exam would be about $315 and the lab exam would cost you about $1,400. Unless you would be working for Cisco or have some type of certification discount with Pearson Vue or Cisco, then this would be the bare minimum that you'll be able to get away with paying if you wish to have a CCIE. These costs would be occurring per attempt, so each time you fail a lab or written exam, the cost tends to rise. Get more about ccie written exam cost 2019 click here.

CCIE Certification Training Cost/Study Materials Cost:

Most candidates would spend a large portion of their CCIE budget on training costs. Whereas the exam costs would be considered fixed, excluding the traveling cost, the training costs would be varying greatly from candidate to candidate. In certain cases, candidates spent well over $6,500 on training. A large portion of this has been would be reimbursed by the employer if they wish to. If you did not get any reimbursement for the expenses, you might still have to shell out about $2,500 for training.

Believe it or not, many candidates would be dropping five-figures on CCIE training. The question is not about the cost of the training material, but it is about its reliability. Candidates spend tons of money and still fail, due to the unreliable materials. Thus, you will require having good and reliable study materials, like that offered by the SPOTO.

As you could see, there would be a dozen or so books that Internetwork Expert recommends for the many racks such as Routing and Switching track. True, most candidates don’t read all of these books or even read the ones that they do from cover to cover, but let guess that most candidates do read a good chunk of at least about five books. They bought and read nearly all of six different books. Some of them supplemented those books with sections from several other books.

After you've read enough to gain the basics of the technologies down, it's time to take the CCIE written exam. Although most candidates would be taking this test by reading one or more books, you would be able to purchase training specific for the written exam. You could even drop thousands of dollars on Instructor-Led Training classes for the written if you chose. Once you've cleared the written, it would be time for you to start preparing for the big gruesome exam, which is the CCIE lab exam. You could have the help of Study Dumps, but from the reliable one, like that offered by the SPOTO.

Most CCIE candidates would have to be a minimum, purchase a CCIE workbook to aid in their preparation. A workbook would be generally a collection of full-scale labs that would be meant to emulate the style as well as the content of the actual lab exam. Some vendors would be offering different types of workbooks like the mini-labs that would be technological-specific, but they would be all offering some type of the "classic CCIE workbook" with full-scale labs. These workbooks might generally cost a few hundred dollars.

Thus, if you wish to have the CCIE, you would have to spend the above-mentioned money. Gaining proper training materials, like SPOTO, would help you considerably. So, check out their preparation courses.