How to Build a Cisco CCIE SP Lab?

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Some ways to build CCIE SP Lab

Here, we would be discussing some ways to build a lab for CCIE SP Lab Exam. The first thing to do if you haven’t done it already would be to make sure that you have the support from your family before you would be starting to prepare for the CCIE SP lab. Explain to them the time that you would be needed to put in to prepare and also explain why you wish to do it and what the benefits you would be obtained by doing it.

Once you would have totally committed it would be time to grade yourself. Go through the blueprint for the track you would be preparing for at the Cisco Learning Network. You should grade yourself on each topic from 1 to 5 on where you believe that you are today. You need to make a realistic assessment; it is not likely that you would be 4 or 5 on many topics unless you would become a very experienced engineer. This would be considered as an expert level exam, it is considered vastly different from any associate or professional level exam.

You should also make a detailed schedule where you should write down each topic that you would be studying and how much time you would be expecting to put in on each topic. You should also map each topic to lab workbooks and if you need to do reading in books or blogs etc, check out the courses books being offered by the SPOTO.  Most people studying for the CCIE SP will like to use a lab workbook that would be formulated by the SPOTO.

While preparing for the CCIE SP lab, it would be quite essential that you learn about how to verify your configuration. Don’t rely on your configuration to be correct unless you would have verified it, yourself. You are needed to learn all the show commands that you would need to verify for each protocol or feature. Many candidates would have gone to the lab and configured everything quite perfectly, or so they believed, only to get a detrimental score in their CCIE SP lab report. Everything is about verification. If you don’t have time to verify and configure in the CCIE SP lab, you aren’t at the expert level which would be required to clear the CCIE SP lab yet. Just keep practicing until you reach there!

It is considered to be very important to feel comfortable in the CCIE SP lab exam. The more you know about the lab the less stress you would feel about going to the CCIE SP lab exam. I would write down what I am going to remember from the CCIE SP lab here to give you a better picture of it. These are my thoughts and I won’t be able to provide you guarantee that they are accurate for CCIE SP lab or not, but if you gain the courses which would be provided by the SPOTO, they will provide you guarantee to achieve success in this exam in the very first attempt.

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Introduction to the benefits of CCIE SP Lab for SPOTO

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CCIE Service Provider v4.1 LAB Examination Content:

  1. TS:1 set topology,TS1 (3 weeks before the exam)
    2. DIAG:1 set (1 week before the exam)
    3. CFG:1 set topology, LAB 1

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