How to Practice CCNA Collaboration?

2024-01-18 09:12:42 SPOTO Club CCNA 959
Cisco provides offers quite a number of certifications for professionals who are willing to realize their advanced career goals. The collaboration certification of CCNA is going to be considered the latest addition to the list which would be offered by many benefits to the candidates. Here are certain tips in order to make the preparation to make your certification the exam easier. Cisco Certified Networking Associate Collaboration: The Cisco Certified Networking Associate Collaboration Certification is considered to design for IT professionals who would have to be specialized in video engineering, IP telephony, and networking. The CCNA Collaboration is considered going to be quite a role-focused certification which would be quite intended in order to validate a learner’s skills in meeting the ever-evolving business demands in collaboration technologies. The CCNA Collaboration certification would be made up of two exams, both of which are going to be covered by some good training provider like the SPOTO:
  • Cisco CCNA Collaboration 210-060 CICD
  • Cisco CCNA Collaboration 210-065 (for training purposes, this exam has been broken into two parts)
  • CIVND1
  • CIVND2
The CCNA Collaboration is a considered as certification path that would be evolved from Cisco’s Voice and Video certifications, which would have been officially retired. Below mentioned are some preparation tips, but the best would be to gain the training which is provided by the SPOTO. CCNA Collaboration Preparation Tips: Know About the Certification: The Cisco CCNA collaboration is considered to be an associate-level certification and training course which would be aimed to recognize video, voice and collaboration engineers who wish to develop their video and collaboration skills. Preparation Plan: Now that you have gained the knowledge about the certification and the prerequisites, you must have to plan for the preparation. You would have to cover all the topics which are going to be included in the exams. Take a print out of the syllabus and plan of an individual study method which would be based on this. Just learn only the topics which are going to be included in the exams. Regular Study Time During the preparation and when you would be writing the exam, time management would be considered as crucial. Study consistently so that whatever you have learned would be retained in the memory. Allot a specific time schedule for study every day and you would have to make sure that you would stick to it. Avoid the outside distractions at this particular time. Give Importance to Details Learning the theory by-heart wouldn’t be going to help you out in clearing the exam. Understanding how things are going to be done in Cisco. Sometimes, Cisco is going to works which would be quite different than the general scenario. So, you should get to know about the procedures which are going to be used in the Cisco environment. You have to cross-check every minute detail which would be ensuring that you wouldn’t have missed anything. Hands-on Experience The certification exams would be consisting of a wide variety of theoretical and practical questions. So, you should get a lot of hands-on experience before you enter the examination hall. Cisco recommends that you would have one to three years of experience in working with products of Cisco so that you could appear for the exam. Keep Practicing Practicing what you might have learned would be quite essential to reinforce the concepts in your mind. You might have practiced it with every single detail so as to acquire enough confidence in order to face the exam. What is written in the books might just give you an idea about basic theory? In order to find out if it is true, you would have to do practical work. This would give you some extra knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge. So, if you want to gain this certification, you should gain the training which would be provided by the SPOTO.