How to prepare and pass the AWS Certification exam?

2024-01-17 04:39:09 SPOTO Club AWS 642

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As a must-have for any IT professional working in the cloud computing field, what is AWS certification? Why AWS can validate technical skills and cloud expertise to grow your career and business
Have you ever thought about getting the AWS certification and then postponing or even abandoning the plan simply because of a lack of understanding or guidance?

There is no doubt that AWS certification is one of the most preferred and strict standards for companies when recruiting cloud professionals. According to statistics, by 2021, the AWS market is bound to reach 250 billion US dollars. For this reason, students and working professionals are eager to obtain this certification to further their careers. However, once they start preparing for the certification exam, they will encounter various problems, such as

lWhich AWS certification should I choose?

lWhat resources should I prepare from?


If you have these problems in your mind, it is normal. What you need is to develop a valuable strategic plan to prepare for the AWS certification exam, which this article will discuss!

Before continuing, think about why you want to get AWS certification?

AWS certification not only helps you verify your expertise in cloud technology but also provides you with some valuable career opportunities among large technology giants. In addition, it can also help you establish contact with other people in the AWS certification community and propose various other valuable benefits, such as the subject matter expert (SME) program of the AWS Partner Network (APN), and so on.

In this article, we will share some step-by-step implementation methods to help you obtain AWS certification more conveniently and effectively:

First, you need to know everything about AWS certification exams. Then, you can start learning by choosing relevant role-based learning paths, such as cloud practitioners, architects, developers and operations, and specialties.

In addition, you also need to understand the course and other critical aspects of the target certification exam, such as exam format, duration, exam fee, and so on. It is recommended that you use the official exam guide provided by AWS on its website to obtain an accurate exam syllabus and other exam information.

After completing the above process, you need to learn AWS concepts and skills to prepare for the certification exam. It would be best if you had a thorough understanding of the concepts to pass the exam successfully.

You have many options to start the learning process, some of which are described below:

1.Participate in online training courses: You can register to participate in online AWS courses or training programs to prepare for the exam. These courses cover the entire exam syllabus, and they will guide you to prepare for the exam in a more organized way. In addition, AWS officials also provide training modules.

2.Read recommended books: In fact, books are the best way to learn basic knowledge and advanced topics. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a few valuable books to prepare for AWS certification. Some of the most recommended books are AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide, AWS Management Guide, Amazon Web Services in Action, etc.

3.Use official resources, such as AWS white papers, FAQs, etc. In addition, we also recommend that you choose other official resources and preparation materials, such as sample questions, exam guides, etc. The best part is that these official resources can be obtained from the AWS official website at zero cost.

Now, let's take a step in the AWS certification exam preparation process. First, you need to gain some practical and hands-on experience in the AWS working environment. Then, you can create an AWS free tier account to practice your skills, such as EC2, S3, IAM, etc. When preparing for the AWS certification exam, it is also necessary to perform practical operations because most of the questions in the exam are based on actual and implementation-based scenarios. Therefore, the functional process will help you prepare for the exam.

A lot of practice is one of the fundamental but most underestimated aspects of AWS certification exam preparation. You need to solve many practice papers to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam and the types of common questions in the exam. It can also help you analyze your level of preparation to take the certification exam. You can get practice files for AWS certification exams from various online or offline resources. In addition, AWS also provides practice documents for all learning paths and levels, and you can obtain the practice documents from an AWS-certified account by paying a specific amount. After completing the AWS certification practice exam, you will get an email with your score and other relevant feedback.

Last but not least, I suggest you join several discussion communities and forums to communicate with other students and professionals to help you solve problems and doubts. These communities and forums also help to create a healthy competitive environment among candidates. You can discuss your exam preparation strategies, topics and share results with each other. You can also get various learning resources and additional essential insights, and other such AWS certification exam information. However, it would help if you remembered not to spend too much time on such forums, as this may have a negative impact on your preparations.

The above is the path you can follow to prepare for the AWS certification exam. However, some people find it easy to obtain AWS certification, but passing these exams still requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Still, everything is worth it because after receiving the certification, you are favored by employers and will be eligible to participate in various professional carnivals. Now, what are you waiting for? We at SPOTO can help you pass AWS certification in your first attempt. We have not only the most professional guidance but also 100% real questions for practice! Contact us now!!" alt="" width="451" height="131">