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Some knowledge you should know about certification exam

1.what is Cisco certification exam?

Cisco is not a new term in the world of Information Technology. It is the leading vendor that issues several IT certifications for candidates who intend to build a career in networking and work with Cisco products and technologies. SPOTO offers 100% real & valid Cisco practice exams and professional tutors to help candidates to prepare and pass the exam fast and easily. You will never waste time and money on looking for suitable study materials. Get Cisco certified, Get Ahead. Contact us to know more details. Cisco provides the certifications at four levels: entry, associate, professional and expert. Cisco would have once offered an architect level, but that would have retired. Additionally to the core levels, a specialist level would be available in several areas. Most of the certifications fall into the category of either software development or network infrastructure.

2.What are the levels of Cisco certifications?

The entry-level certification would be designed for people who wish to work as Field Engineers or Cisco technicians. The associate level would be preparing you for a career in IT as well as network technologies. You could pursue one track for covering a range of fundamental skills or focus on cybersecurity or software development.

The professional level would be able to help you out in progressing by concentrating on core technology, like enterprise networking, software development, data-center security, or management. The expert level would be certifying you for a more advanced skill set in areas such as wireless networking, data-center administration, or security. Get more ccnp design click there

Here is the complete list of the Cisco Certification offered presently: 
Associate-Level Certification
2. DevNet Associate 
3. CyberOps Associate

Professional-Level Certification
1. CCNP Enterprise
2. CCNP Data Center 
3. CCNP Security
4. CCNP Service Provider
5. CCNP Collaboration
6. Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional
7. Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

Expert-Level Certification
2. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
3. CCIE Enterprise Wireless
4. CCIE Data Center
5. CCIE Security
6. CCIE Service Provider
7. CCIE Collaboration

3.Cisco Certification Learning Paths

The learning paths for Cisco certification would be varying by level, concentration, and existing experience and knowledge. As one example, someone who desires to have a job working with networks in a data center might begin with the entry-level CCT Data Center certification, potentially move to the professional-level CCNP Data Center certification as a core focus, and later could finish with the expert-level CCIE Data Center certification. But you wouldn’t have to follow a path from one level to the next one.

4.Why should I pass the Cisco exam?

Besides the fact that certifications would be a great way of demonstrating that you would an asset to current or potential employers, there would be other reasons that would become Cisco-certified would be imperative to a successful networking career, which would include:


Cisco certifications are considered to for leading to lots of IT career paths. In the IT industry, there would be lots of discussing career paths you would be able to take. Cisco provides a collection of certifications that would be helping the candidates for prepare for positions in networking, security, administration, or cloud computing, at various levels of expertise. You can increase your IT skills along diverse career paths as you for advancing through the associate, professional, expert, and architect level that Cisco offers. 


Cisco is believed to be a leader in networking, Cisco infrastructure and networks are considered to be an integral part of many of today’s organizations. When you would be demonstrating to the potential employers that you would possess the skills and knowledge for providing support to the software and hardware solutions that they already have in place, it makes you more tempting and pertinent to them.


Cisco-certified employees would also have their command for higher salaries. Having Cisco certifications don’t just help you obtain the latest job as well as promotion opportunities; it also leads to bigger paychecks. Most IT jobs would be paid quite well – but when you would be possessing certifications on top of work experience, it is considered to be even better.


These are just considered to be average salaries and don’t take into account the organization, geographical location, or other certifications you might have. With multiple certifications, from Cisco and elsewhere, your earning potential would be quite much higher.


Companies wish to obtain the Cisco-certified IT professionals Certifications authenticating your level of skills and knowledge which would be considered to be related to a specific subject matter. Many employers would be choosing to employ IT professionals with Cisco certifications over non-certified professionals. In fact, Cisco itself recently would be conducting a study with hiring managers worldwide, to observe how much of a difference someone having certifications make when they are filling IT positions.

5.How to Pass Cisco Exam?

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6.Cisco Practice Test & Exam Dumps 2024 List

Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure v1.0 (DCID 300-610) is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification. This exam certifies a candidate's knowledge of data center infrastructure design including network, compute, storage network, and automation.  Cisco 300-610 DCIC exam evaluates your knowledge and skills required to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot small- to medium-sized networks. Comprehensive preparation with High-Quality 300-610 DCIC exam dumps is essential to succeed in your exam on the first attempt. Achieving Cisco Certified Technician (DCIC) certification validates your skills in installing, configuring, operating, and maintaining medium-sized routed and switched networks. As a certified DCIC technician, you can configure VLANs, DHCP, STP, single area OSPF, and PPPoE client-side interfaces. The DCIC certification allows you to start a career as a network technician, administrator or support engineer with opportunities for career progression.   The Cisco 300-610 DCIC exam evaluates your expertise across several domains such as:    •Configuring router interfaces, DHCP, NAT, and single area OSPF on Cisco routers  •Implementing VLANs, trunking, STP, port security on Cisco Catalyst switches  •Configuring Point-to-Point WAN interfaces like HDLC, PPP, MLPPP    •Applying ACLs for security and traffic filtering    •Monitoring network traffic using syslog, SNMP, NetFlow 

Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure v1.0 (DCIT 300-615) is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification. This exam certifies a candidate's knowledge of troubleshooting a data center infrastructure including network, compute platforms, storage network, automation, management and operations.  Cisco 300-615 DCIT exam tests your expertise across enterprise routing, virtualization, SDN, SD-WAN, and other advanced technologies in the Cisco enterprise portfolio. Comprehensive preparation with Latest 300-615 DCIT practice tests is key to succeeding in your first attempt. Achieving the Cisco Certified Technician (DCIT) certification validates your skills in deploying, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting enterprise network solutions. As a certified DCIT technician, you can implement single area OSPF, multiarea OSPF and EIGRP on Cisco routers, configure MPLS VPNs, deploy Cisco SD-WAN and troubleshoot issues with Cisco SDN solutions. The DCIT certification allows you to start a career as a network technician, administrator or support engineer with opportunities for career progression.  The Cisco 300-615 DCIT exam assesses your expertise across several domains including: •Implementing single area OSPF, multiarea OSPF and EIGRP routing protocols on Cisco routers  •Configuring MPLS VPNs, VRFs, VPN tunnels and CE-PE routing  •Deploying Cisco SD-WAN with INT, cut-through gateway and control plane technologies    •Implementing Cisco SDN solutions using DNA center for automation and assurance  •Virtualizing networking functions using Cisco CSR 1000v and ENCS platforms      •Troubleshooting routing, MPLS, SD-WAN and SDN issues using various techniques

Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure v1.0 (DCACI 300-620) is a 90-minute exam that is associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of Cisco switches in ACI mode including configuration, implementation, and management. Cisco Certified Architect (DCACI) exam evaluates your knowledge and skills required to design Cisco enterprise network architectures and solutions. Thorough preparation with high-quality 300-620 DCACI exam dumps is essential to succeed on your first attempt.  Achieving the Cisco Certified Architect (DCACI) certification validates your skills in designing next-generation Cisco enterprise network solutions and services. As a certified DCACI architect, you can develop network designs for environments including data centers, campuses, SDN, wireless, mobility, and security. The DCACI certification demonstrates your abilities to organizations hiring network architects and engineers enabling career advancement opportunities.       The Cisco 300-620 DCACI exam assesses your expertise across several areas including: •Applying network design lifecycle methodology including Plan, Design, Implement, Operate and Optimize phases   •Designing intent-based networking solutions using Cisco DNA Center for automated network provisioning •Developing SDN architecture designs with Cisco APIC-EM and Application Policy Infrastructure Controller   •Designing enterprise wireless networks including access point deployment and RF optimization   •Architecting campus, data center and ASN network infrastructures including multicast, QoS and redundancy  •Developing security architecture designs based on Cisco critical infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions  •Optimizing network architecture operations by enabling features like NetFlow, SNMP, NTP and Syslog analysis •Choosing appropriate routing, switching and network services platforms to meet customer requirements  

Implementing Cisco Storage Area Networking v1.0 (DCSAN 300-625) is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification. This exam certifies a candidate's knowledge of Cisco MDS 9000 series switches including deployment, implementation, management and monitoring, and troubleshooting. The Cisco 300-625 DCSAN exam evaluates your knowledge and skills required to implement and support Cisco data center solutions. It covers a wide range of technologies including Nexus switching, SAN platforms, Unified Computing, storage deployment and data center security. Some of the key topics assessed in the 300-625 DCSAN exam include: •Implementing Cisco Nexus data center switches including initial configuration, VLANs, STP, vPCs and FEX connectivity. Deploying Nexus switches for server and SAN connectivity in data centers. •Configuring Cisco MDS SAN switches including zones, VSAN database, port channels and QoS. Enabling Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and FC switch ports for data center storage networks. •Deploying Cisco UCS fabric interconnects to provide communication between UCS servers and network elements. Managing UCS servers including firmware upgrades, backup methods, templates and profiles. •Implementing data center storage options such as VSANs, NAS, FCoE and FC switch ports. Providing both block and file-level storage to meet data center application requirements.  •Deploying data center security solutions including RBAC, Cisco ACI, TrustSec and Cloud Security technologies. Protecting computing, networking and storage infrastructure against threats.  •Operating and optimizing the performance of Cisco data center platforms through features like OTV, NetFlow and NX-OS telemetry. Gaining visibility into data center network metrics to identify issues.  •Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus, UCS, MDS and storage platforms using CLI, GUI and SNMP tools. Diagnosing and resolving issues with data center networking and computing infrastructure.   •Understanding Cisco data center architecture including core, aggregation and access layer network design. Implementing redundancy and scalability features for data center solutions.

Automating and Programming Cisco Data Center Solutions v1.0 (DCAUTO 300-635) is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification and DevNet Professional Certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of implementing Data Center automated solutions, including programming concepts, orchestration and automation tools.  The Cisco 300-635 DCAUTO exam evaluates your knowledge of Cisco data center automation solutions. It covers technologies such as Cisco Intersight, UCS Director and Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (ACI). Some key details of the 300-635 DCAUTO exam are: Number of exam questions: 90 minutes to complete 65-75 questions Question format: Multiple-choice and multiple-select questions Exam score: Passing score of 700 points out of 1000 The 300-635 DCAUTO exam assesses your expertise across several areas including: • Deploying Cisco Intersight to automate data center management. Integrating Intersight with VMware vCenter, Microsoft System Center and BMC platforms. •Implementing Cisco UCS Director to orchestrate and automate data center resources. Managing UCS domains including servers and fabric interconnects through UCS Director. •Deploying ACI (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller) Enterprise Module. Enabling application-centric networking across virtualized, physical and multi-cloud environments using ACI EM. • Migrating existing data centers to model-driven management using tools like Intersight, UCS Director and ACI EM. Eliminating manual provisioning and management of resources. • Deploying automation suites to provide workflow capabilities, resource orchestration and policy-based governance of data centers. Integrating automation platforms with management systems like VMware vRealize and vCloud Suite. •Operating and optimizing data center automation solutions to gain operational efficiency. Monitoring metrics and logs to ensure security, availability and performance. Upgrading software and patches to maintain reliability. •Troubleshooting issues with Intersight, UCS Director and ACI using problem analysis and resolution techniques. Diagnosing and fixing errors related to automation platform connectivity, virtualized resource management and policy definition. •Defining data center policies and profiles to enable infrastructure as code. Specifying reusable configurations for compute, network, storage and security through JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or Yet Another Markup Language (YAML) templates.

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SPOTO provides 100% authentic exam questions and answers and is the best practice for exam preparation. You just need to memorize the exam questions and answers to pass the exam successfully.  

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SPOTO provides practice tests that cover 100% of the exam questions, you need to practice the exam questions within 2 weeks and memorize the exam questions. You can easily pass the exam.

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All exam questions dumped by SPOTO are up-to-date and valid. If you fail the exam, we will provide you with a new service to help you pass the exam successfully.