Demystifying the CCNA Passing Score: What You Need to Know

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The role and skills which would be required of a core network engineer are evolving quite significantly as enterprise networks which would be encountered have shown an increase in the business demands and technology advancements. So as to meet these challenges, skilled IT professionals are required to be up-to-date, networking skills. For the individuals who have been looking forward to building and validate Cisco networking fundamentals, the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification is going to be focused on foundational IP networking skills that would be required for deploying, operating and troubleshooting network layers 1-3. Since Feb,2 4, 2020, CCNA R&S has been replaced by the New CCNA 200-301 exam! Get SPOTO CCNA 200-301 exam practice tests for a single success!

The Key topics that would be included in it are mentioned below:

  • They would be made aware of the programmable network (SDN) architectures.

  • Expanded VPN topics are going to be included site-to-site VPN, DMVPN, and client VPN technologies.

  • Their knowledge about focusing on the IPv6 routing protocols, configuration, would be increased.

  • They would make understand about the cloud resources which would be deployed in enterprise network architectures.

  • They would also be provided the required knowledge of QoS concepts.

CCNA 200-301 Exam Prerequisites:

The candidates must have an understanding regarding the fundamentals of networking, experience about implementing local area networks and internet connectivity, the experience of managing network device security, experience in implementing WAN and basic IPv6 connectivity is also required. Instead of simply CCNA, it is now known as the CCNA Routing & Switching certification. Thus, to differentiate itself from the other CCNA disciplines like the CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Security and CCNA Data Center. In order to obtain your CCNA Routing & Switching certification, you would have two options. The first is that you could take the single 200-120 CCNA composite exam and gain the title of the CCNA Routing & Switching by clearing one exam. The cost for this exam is around $295 and you would have about 90 minutes to answer the questions which would be about 50 to 60, passing score of which is considered as 825 out of 1000.ccna rs

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The second option is that you could first take the 100-101 - ICND1 exam in order to obtain your CCENT certification and after you have cleared the exam you could then take the 200-101 - ICND2 exam so as to fulfill the requirement of CCNA Routing & Switching certification. The cost for each of these exams is about $150 and you would have about 90 minutes to answer 40 to 50 questions. The benefit for some with this option is that they could concentrate on certain areas of study as less material would be covered in each of the exams. But the totality of the two exams would equal the material which is going to be covered in the single composite CCNA Routing & Switching exam. Whichever courses, you select, you would require to go through some intense training, which you could gain by joining SPOTO.about ccna pass rate Since 2017, the current CCNA has been “refreshed” and is now considered the 200-125 exam. This was a pretty minor change and quite a vastly less dramatic change, contrasting the reboot from the 640-554 to the 200-120. The certification path is still in present in the same format, where you are going to take the single 200-215 exam or you could break it into two exams, which would then allow you to take the 100-105 ICND1 (CCENT) and the 200-105 ICND2 exams. Both the certification path is not that much easy unless, you equip yourself with the best training and study dumps, which are provided by the SPOTO. So, if you wish to achieve a passing score and more in the CCNA Routing and Switching, the best way to do it easily is by joining the courses provided by SPOTO.

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