What is the passing score for the PMI ACP exam?

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I. PMI-ACP Exam Structure

•There are 120 total multiple-choice questions that make up the PMI-ACP exam 

•20 randomly selected questions are included and do not count towards the pass/fail determination 

•There are 3 hours to pass the exam 

•As for PMI ACP passing score, PMI does not publish the passing score, but it is assumed to be in the range of 65-70%.

 So ACP exam passing score is not a certain thing but the ACP exam is a bit little easier than PMP exam. Therefore, you could be relaxed to focus more on the ACP exam itself. Students may bring blank “scratch” paper with which to draft responses, such as for formula-based exam questions.

PMI-ACP would be encompassing the complete Agile framework which would be including all the Agile methodologies that would be including the Scrum. Further, the PMI-ACP would be designed for Project & Program Managers, Scrum Product Owners, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Trainers, Sr. Developers, Business as well as IT Managers with experience in Agile projects. General project experience would be required additionally to Agile-specific education and experience. The exam would be intended for testing both the practitioner’s level of professionalism in Agile practices of project management as well as professional resourcefulness in project management tools as well as techniques. If you wish to acquire a good passing score, you should check out the training courses which are being offered at the SPOTO Club.

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II. Main Reasons to get a PMI-ACP Certification

  • Agile is considered to be quite new technology from the software industry which would be meant for the replacement of the convoluted old business techniques. Hence the importance of the PMI-ACP Certification exam which could be actually would be making you ready for the newest challenges in the software profession as well as in business initiatives. The PMI-ACP exam would be providing an edge mainly because of three big reasons – Salary, Career options, as well as the Improvement of job comprehension.
  • Most of the work which would be accomplished on a large scale would be based on projects, the format and structure of which would be evolving always with time.

III. What is the passing score for the PMI-ACP exam?

No one would be able to know this. If anyone would be suggesting any score for PMI based exam, we would doubt it. The PMI (Project Management Institute) wouldn’t be giving any clearing score nor would they be providing any information on the questions which would be answered correctly. What they would be providing who would be just doing the grading.

IV. They are the following

  • Below Target — which would mean that the performance was worse than the average Aspirants 
  • Target — which would mean that the performance was on par with average Aspirants 
  • Above Target — which would mean that the performance was better than the average Aspirants 

This is considered to be because of the PMI-ACP Exam which would be based on ‘sound psychometric analysis’. Also, since most of the PMI-ACP Exams would be administrated on computers, the question sets of individual candidates would be quite different hence the clearing scores for individual exams would be needed to be adjusted to the overall difficulty of the set, i.e. NOT the same. However, according to the trainers of PMI-ACP Agile Certification aspirants, most of them would estimate that the passing score would be about around 70%. This might be because the PMI-ACP Exam is commonly considered a bit easier than the PMP Exam, but this is would be usually just an educated guess only as no information would be disclosed by PMI. Therefore when you would be attempting PMI-ACP Mock Exams, it would be considered to be highly recommended for setting a higher standard than 70% for your mock exam performance so that you would be able to walk into the PMI-ACP Exam center with better confidence of clearing the exam in the first attempt. As per our alumni who would have cleared both PMP as well as PMI-ACP Exams in their first attempt.

V. Conclusion

PMI-ACP is considered to be quite one of the Newest but most comprehensive as well as in-demand certifications which would be offered by the PMI. PMI-ACP would be offering a holistic study of the complete Agile Methodology slightly than would be focusing on one singular method. So, if you have acquired all the knowledge regarding the passing score of the PMI ACP Certification, you should check out the training courses which are being offered at the SPOTO Club, to begin your journey of PMI-ACP Certification. 
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