Which one would be a better course to opt for, PMP or PMI-ACP?

2024-01-16 08:52:15 SPOTO Club PMP,ACP 633
PMP and PMI-ACP are two certifications provided by PMI in two diverse sectors, i.e., PMP is more focused on traditional project management with an immense horizon. In contrast, ACP has agile as its focal point. Even though these would be two diverse dimensions, aspirants are often confused about which one would take between two. Both of them have their importance, and both are having their pros and cons. Whether you choose any of them, you will require a right and reliable training provider like the SPOTO. Here are some points to consider while selecting amongst them. Future Aspirations One driver to opt for any certification would be the future aspirations as well as career aims. E.g., a team leader would be aspiring to become a Project Manager after a while and wish to equip himself for the same with the PMP certification. Similarly, a developer would be willing to move towards a scrum master role. It is considered very important for finding out whether you wish to be a Project Manager or an Agile practitioner. It doesn't mean that a Project Manager couldn't go for agile and vice versa. Both are better, but preference should be given based on aspiration. Current Organization Needs The current organization is considered the first preference always for growing for anyone as you already will have a good track record to show and have known people around who have seen your work. The organizations also have requirements. Suppose your organization is needing qualified Project Managers. In that case, the preference should be given to PMP as PMP will provide a full overview of all it takes to manage a project end to end. Still, on the other hand, if your organization is more focused on the agile environment. Roles such as managers are either not there or getting reduced. It would help if you opted for ACP to grow in the agile practitioner's track. Market Dynamics The type of technological work you are into, if it would be demanding the quick changes by your customers and ask you to be flexible, knowing agile would be considered immensely help you more than the traditional way of working where change isn't that easy for accommodating. If your project of a kind where the market is considered more or less stable and customer requirements would be defined, traditional ways of working will suffice the needs. In that case, selecting PMP would be a lot more helpful for you in getting yourself ready for your growth. Eligibility Fulfilment As per PMI, both the certifications would be having different eligibility criteria, which you should consider before selecting your path. PMP 1. The candidate should possess 4500 hours of a unique experience, in case of Bachelor's or Equivalent University Degree or required to have a total of 7500 hours, in case of High School Diploma or Equivalent Secondary School. 2. The candidate should possess about 35 hours of education by any Registered Education Provider (R.E.P of PMI) ACP 1. The candidates should possess a total of 2,000 hours of general project experience working on teams. A current PMP or PgMP would satisfy this requirement but isn't required for applying for the PMI-ACP. 2. They must also possess 1,500 hours working on agile project teams or with methodologies related to the elegant. This is an additional requirement to the 2,000 hours of experience which you must possess in the general project. 3. Training in agile practices of about 21 contact hours Now that you have the required knowledge regarding the PMP and PMI-ACP Certification, you must look out for the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps, or SPOTO PMI-ACP Exam Dumps for achieving sure-shot results.

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