9 Most Popular IT Jobs in 2020

2020-06-19 10:27:37 SPOTO Club Cisco,AWS,PCNSE 71
As companies and the entire society become more and more intertwined with technology, there is a high demand for IT professionals. The following are the nine most popular IT jobs that should be pursued in 2020:
  1. SEO/SEM Marketers
With a vast number of businesses having an online presence or looking forward to investing in it, there would be a massive demand for marketers that would be skilled in SEO and SEM. According to the salary data, the average salary of an SEO marketer/manager would be found out to be £42,600. If you would be working in marketing or IT, then it might be worthwhile to gain some SEO skills under your belt to secure a financially beneficial role.
  1. IT Support Professionals
IT Support Professionals would be continuously in demand as they are considered to be crucial for most businesses. IT Support professionals can provide support in multiple ways, covering product support, supporting employees with any technical issues, and helping run and maintain business technology and software. In London, IT Support Professionals could expect to have an earning of around £35,000 after a couple of years of experience.
  1. Data Scientists
The demand for Data Scientists would have increased by 29% this year compared to last. As companies would be looking forward to capturing and utilize data to improve performance, the demand for Data Scientists on the rise. Businesses would be collecting a vast amount of data. Data Scientists could observe an earning of an average salary of £52,743.
  1. IoT Engineers
IoT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, would be referred to as the countless number of devices across the world connected to the internet. There would be many fields within IoT that you could work in, and they could be incredibly rewarding. IoT would be the new hot topic in tech, so it has made it onto the most in-demand IT Jobs of 2020. An IoT engineer could expect to earn an average salary of £64,658 in London.
  1. Blockchain Engineers
The demand for Blockchain Engineers is a confounding increase. According to research, there has been a 517% increase in demand for blockchain engineers globally. This considerable demand would also be coming with an advantageous salary. The average salary for a Blockchain Engineer in the UK would be about £68,000.
  1. Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
Larger companies would be looking to hire BI Analysts to evaluate their position in the market as well as industry. Having a BI on board could help businesses staying one step ahead of the competition. Therefore there would be a high demand for them. Average salaries for BI Analysts in the UK are considered to be £30,691 and could reach up to £45,000.
  1. Cyber Security Analyst
Since GDPR came in to effect 2018, businesses would be required to do all they could to keep data secure. With a lack of compliance, companies could lose millions. Therefore, companies would be investing heavily in their security technology and Cyber Security Analysts. The average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst is believed to be £44,390. You can go for the CCNA CyberOps (200-201 CBROPES exam) and CCNP Security Certifications (350-701SCOR) to add highlights on your resume. Over 17 years, SPOTO has helped thousands of candidates to pass their Cisco, AWS, PCNSEVmware, and other IT exams.  Join us now to boost your salary!  
  1. Cloud Engineer
With the vast number of businesses that would be moving their day to day functions to the cloud, Cloud Engineering would be becoming one of the most demanded jobs for 2020. A Cloud Engineer could look forward to earning an average salary of £54,911.  
  1. App Developer
As per research, around 79% of UK adults would own a smartphone, and on average, Brits would be spending 2 hours and 34 minutes on their smartphones every day. The utilization of mobile is continuously increasing worldwide, which would mean that more businesses would be trying to reach consumers through their preferred devices. This would have created a demand for App Developers, which would be including iOS and Android. The average base salary for an App Developer in the UK is considered to be about £35,157.   Conclusion Hence if you wish to make your career in the IT industry, you should gain any of the jobs mentioned above, and for that, you will need Cisco certifications, Palo Alto certifications, and so on. SPOTO offers 100% latest and real Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Lab, PMP, AWS, PCNSE, PCNSA exam dumps, and other IT exam practice tests to help you gain your dream IT certifications and advance your IT career! Choose SPOTO to dig out your IT potential!