What are the Cisco certification paths?

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Cisco certification paths

Cisco Certification has become an international authority in the field of the Internet, representing important professional recognition.This is in part due to the emergence of these certifications, which provide a practical way to prove an individual's skills and knowledge in a field.As a hot career direction in the future, network engineer has attracted the attention of many young people. But many others are confused, a little confused and confused about the future of Cisco certified network engineers.Don't worry, follow my steps, let's carefully analyze the Cisco certification of various paths and certification reasons!

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Cisco Certification is launched by Cisco, a well-known vendor in the networking field. Cisco Career Certification Program, or CCCP, for network planning and network support for its products,And requires its agents in various countries to have such engineers, in order to improve the quality of service to users, the establishment of Cisco product network engineer qualification system.There are three general paths to Cisco certification for engineers.

CCNA--Cisco Certified Network Associate

The first step in Cisco's network certification program starts at the engineer level. This will serve as a beginner or entry level for web authentication.The Cisco Certified Network Support Engineer Certification indicates that you have the network knowledge and skills to provide services to small and medium-sized businesses.As a CCNA certified professional engineer will be able to install, debug and design enterprise local area networks (LAN), telecom carrier Wide Area networks (WAN),Small and medium-sized networks such as security and wireless (typically 100 computer nodes) can simultaneously operate network protocols such as IP, Serial, STP, Frame Relay, RIP V2, VLAN, EIGRP, OSPF, Access List, SDM, IPV6, and IPSEC VPN.The main exam of CCNA will cover Cisco Network Equipment Interconnection (ICND).The CCNA test code is 200-301 (V1.0). The test is in English and lasts 120 minutes. A score of 825 out of 1,000 is required to pass the exam. Note that CCNA certificates are valid for 3 years, and you are required to take Recertification exams within 3 years.CCNA recertification only needs to meet one of the following three requirements: 1. Pass CCNA exams in any direction. 2. Pass any CCNP exam. 3. Passed the CCIE LAB exam.

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CCNP--Cisco Certified Senior Network Professional

Cisco Certified Network Senior Engineer CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) indicates that a certified person has a wealth of practical networking knowledge.CCNP-certified professionals can install, configure, design, troubleshoot and optimize network traffic for enterprise and carrier networks.The prerequisite to take part in the CCNP exam is a high school certificate or an equivalent. There are two types of exams in total  you need to take,include core exam and concerntration exam.The CCNP written test (core test) subjects are the same as the CCIE written test subjects. After you have successfully passed the written exam, you may choose to take the CCNP elective exam directly to become a CCNP or take the LAB to become a CCIE.CCNP certification is also valid for three years. For recertification, you must pass any of the equivalent examinations or an existing CCIE written examination before the certification expires in order to renew your certification for three years.

CCIE- Cisco Certified Internet Expert

The highest level a networker can attain, indicating that someone is an expert or master in the field of networking.Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is recognized as the top CCIE certification in the global Internetworking field.This certification provides engineers with the expertise they need to navigate Cisco equipment in today's rapidly changing networking environment.In addition to the recognition of the entire industry, CCIE is also an indicator that you continue to hold the latest online knowledge;You will become the most competitive person in your field of expertise.For many web professionals, earning a CCIE is a highlight of their career.CCIE has technical expertise and knowledge of Cisco networking products and solutions in one of the CCIE Technology tracks, which currently include collaboration, data centers, routing and switching, security, service providers and wireless.